flickering candle outdoor lights????

missstaceyhOctober 29, 2008

OK-I have seen these really beautiful outdoor lights on several homes and I need to find them. They are antique looking and have a flickering candle look on the inside. What can I search? Where can I find them?

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I think you're looking for a "flicker bulb". Or an actual gas lamp.

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I do love those. I ones I've seen are, as heimert said, an actual gas lamp. Little more complicated, little more expense, therefore they got vetoed on my house. :o(

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Go to Rejuvenation (not Restoration Hardware!):


They have all kinds of period lighting. Check out the light bulbs in the lighting accessories department. They have flickering bulbs. Maybe a phone call to them would give you some ideas.

Have you asked your question on the lighting forum? Bet someone there could help you.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Rejuvenation

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Also, google for gas lanterns - New Orleans. There is a manufacturer here that makes gorgeous gas lanterns. DH wanted those for our house, but we soon decided that was an expense we could pass on and just go with regular lights.

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Awe shucks! I was hoping they were electric but had the gas look AND were inexpensive. I guess that's why I only see them on monster houses! Why do I have to have such champagne taste? I wonder if I could get a similar look with electric lights and a flicker bulb? I can always dream! Thanks everyone!

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Ron Natalie

Like this?

Here is a link that might be useful: FLAME FLICKER BULBS

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We have a gas lamp in our front yard. Yes, it is very cool looking, but the downside is it gives off very little functional light (like a distant campfire at night) and is often blown out by the wind.
It was a requirement of our subdivision, but not a good choice in retrospect.

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jojoco- thanks for the info. I first noticed these in a subdivision in Tenessee, must have been a requirement there too b/c everyone had them. Very cool looking but good to know that they are not real practical. This makes it easier for me to swallow since I can't afford them anyway! You're not from TN are you?:)

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Nope, upstate NY

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