My new yard helpers

craftyrnAugust 13, 2007

Guess who came visiting when I was out running the weed-eater around the back trees ? And with all that noise ! There's a second one-- must be a twin

but when I ran to get the camera & got back only this little guy was brave enough to stick around.

They've cleaned up all the "falls" from the big crab apple & the pear tree.

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They look like the same helpers I have in my yard! I have two fawns that still have their spots that regularly visit. I went out and chased one away from the road last evening. I really enjoy my outdoor pets! Thanks for sharing the pics.

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Aren't they beautiful! I have a friend who lives by a lake in a development. She has taken to putting out groats for the deer. They are practically pets. Somehow this seems like a really bad idea but I don't know why.

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Beautiful deer. I wish I had something beautiful that liked to eat weeds...

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