Your favorite valentine's day craft????

iowajewelJanuary 9, 2009

Just hoping to find some new, cute ideas to make now for the holiday!

Please share any that you have.


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I have the Valentine's fortune cookies and chocolate pretzels on my blog. I'm going to try heart fudge and a pillow. I will have them up this coming week. Oh, I also am going to make a heart with an arrow where the tip is a Hershey kiss.

Here is a link that might be useful: REd Mommy Crafts

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How about making some Valentine Paperclips?

Or a Valentine holder for a nail file:

Valentine Peppermint Patties

Little lidded 2 inch by 2 inch treat boxes

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I plan on a few cute little things for Valentine's Day. I made some Victorian-type whimsy pieces out of old book pages already.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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You can take a couple of Hershey's kisses & make a long stemed rose from them. Get the red wrapped ones & if I remember right you put the bottoms of 2 together & wrap it with plastic wrap & you attach it to a flower stem with floral tape & add a couple of silk rose leaves, makes a very pretty long stemed rose. I've got 1 in craft room I might be able to find. So great for nursing homes, club members,church ladies, Mother & grandmas & neighbor lady. When they finish looking at it & Valentine's day is over they get to eat it!!!!You can put a rose in a vase from TS if you want to get fancy. VEry inexpensive to make!!! Jan

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Neat ideas here! Thanks all for sharing!

sunnyca...I make those chocoate kiss roses too and you are right! they are easy and inexpensive.
I make arrangements out of them too and candy bouquets---here are a few pics of what I make and sell for Valentines day:

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Lovely qtiemom ! Never thought of wrapping them in colored plastic wrap. Looks so nice!! The middle 1 is for someone with a real sweet tooth. Thanks for the pics! Jan

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What a beautiful idea Qtiemom! They do look like rosebuds!
Amber, I plan on having grandson make the fortune cookies for his class :D Linda, the paperclips look like a sweet gift for teacher!

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I love Swedish hearts - even though they are a Christmas craft. They are perfect for Valentine Day also.

The site below has wonderful patterns and instructions. She has patterns for more complex ones after you master the basic pattern.

There are so many pretty scrapbook papers out now. I don't like using construction paper, as it tears so easily.

I have made fabric ones by fusing wonder under onto the wrong side of the fabric, and leaving the paper on it since I am not fusing the other side to anything.

Here is a link that might be useful: Swedish Hearts Patterns and instructions.

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Wow, thanks for sharing the Swedish hearts site Iowagirl. Those are really pretty.

Linda - may I ask, do you die cut your own papers, cardstock? I was looking for someone to make some scalloped circles for me.


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