The 'Deluxe E-Z Bowmaker'??

chery2January 27, 2006 seen on TV...OVER 3 MILLION SOLD!! As EZ as 1-2-3" blah, blah, blah. . .

OK, I'm a sucker. I saw a demo on the Carol DuVall show and had to have one to make hairbows for my almost-3 granddaughter. So I had a 40% off coupon at JoAnn's and used it to get the bowmaker for $6 instead of $10.

Maybe I'm brain-challenged, but I don't find the thing user- friendly AT ALL. "Lay a wire b/t the dowels" Um. . . and just leave it lying there? Not attached to anything??

And what is a "half-twist"???

The demo made it look lots easier -- and she just used a little piece of cardboard, not a 16" board w/ dowels attached [after you hammer them in, that is].

Whew! I'm going to give it another go, but bowmaker kit makers and EasyShare digital camera makers ought to have more consideration for us feeble minded.


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I found this ---

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I'm with you on this one. I tried using the E-Z Bowmaker to make pew bows for church and after ruining a whole spool of ribbon I gave up. I'm putting it in my next yard sale!!!!

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I love mine, but I also use wired ribbon so they can be fluffed up if it gets mushed... I also use at least twice the amount of ribbon called for. I made a bunch of the glass blocks (the small one were all I could find here 6" x 6")for a Christmas craft show and sold all I had - three other venders had the blocks, but their bows were chincy.... They only sold some when all mine were gone... It does take practice, but it is well worth it!

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I agree with Grandma Bonnie--practice first and in the end it's so worth the effort.
Bonnie, do you have a picture of your blocks and bows?

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I just put a picture up in the gallery of the only block I had left after Christmas - I inserted 25 clear lights in it so it can be used as an accent. I call it my Martha Stewart block... I still have it as I plan on giving it to my SIL

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That is a nice bow. I think I got one of those bowmakers for Christmas, but haven't tried it yet. I rarely use bows.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I LOVE my bow maker. You are right it does take some practice and use lots of ribbon.

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