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marie_ndcalDecember 13, 2011

Hubby builds up computers (just for family), has a laptop etc so is pretty knowledgeable.

He would like something similar to either I Pad or Kindle fire that he could pick up his email, play games (like Fish games which we have) etc. Not really interest in books and does not want to down load music. He would use this when we go for a few days, instead of taking laptop (his is heavy)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

there are many very good Android tablets available, it would depend on the price range you want to spend if you want to go with the latest and greatest you will be looking in the $400-$500 range if you want to go with one that still does pretty much every thing but is not the latest Android you could get an Android 2.3 7" tablet for the $100-$200 range. they will all do the things you mentioned plus you can add hundreds of apps to it including various ereader apps including the kindle app so you can read kindle books.

The thing to consider do not get any that are less than Android 2.3, if it has 3.0 or higher it will be more expensive, there are 2 types of touch screens resistive takes a bit more touch, the capacitive is much easier to touch and has the pinch and zoom just like a smart phone.

Coby Kyros 7.0" 4GB Tablet featuring Android 2.3
that is a decent option it has Android 2.3 with I believe resisitive screen last week it was on for $79.

Big lots has a Nextbook Android 2.3 with a capacitive screen for $129.99 this week.
You can do some google searches for Android tablets for more options.

I own a few different ones all are Android based.

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Thanks, I printed your information out and will check into that. I wish we had a Big Lots in our area, but our nearest one is in Bismarck ND, about 147 miles south, and it really depends on the weather this time of year.
Thanks again

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Hope it's o.k. to jump in and ask a question? Ravencajun, do the Android 2.3 's have wifi? Do they work with the wireless router I would already have at home? So I could use it at home, or out and about somewhere as long as I can find free wifi?


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

yes all of the android 2.3 tablets should come equipped with wifi that you can use at home or at hotspots. Some also come with the ability to use 3G like cellphones do but not all of them.
So yes you can use it at home and out and about. I used mine while at the hospital visiting my Mother since they had free wifi.

There are some amazing prices right now on some of these tablets. Feel free to ask if you have questions about any part of it.

I have been looking too I know I don't need another one but I am very tempted right now, I have my eye on one I really want and missed it when it was on sale.
Some of the 2.3 tablets depending on the manufacturer may be able to get updated to Android 3.0 at some point.

Lots of ones to look at and view the various specs on them here at the link at the bottom.

some do actually have dual core processors now and some even have higher resolutions, the higher the resolution the better. I am seeing some with 1024 x 768 which is better than the 800x400 we have been seeing.

Some will have on board cameras some will have both front and back facing, most of those are not very high quality cameras but would be sufficient for web chats and for using a scanner app to scan those scan codes that are on everything now.

Some will say they specifically can access the Android Market some will not they may offer some other Market to get apps from like getjar or amazon apps store. There are lots of places you can get apps so even if you can not get the actual android market that is usually not a big problem.

try doing a google search for Android 2.3 tablets in the main area and also in their shopping area to see what is available.

Here is a link that might be useful: android 2.3 tablets

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If you husband can build a computer he's technically savvy and I would be hard pressed to believe he would be satisfied with any of the really low end tablets. The best is the iPad but he might be happy with something like the Nook or Kindle Fire. There's some good Android tablets as well but at those prices, the iPad makes a lot of sense.

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Last year I bought a Flytouch 3 android 2.2 and to tell the truth, was less than thrilled with it..I had bought it just to play with (toy) but found that it was unable to steady stream videos (youtube) lots of freezing and lag..not really quick (responsive) with selection changes (window to window) certainly wasnt the most expensive tablet, but at the time, was the top of the line android 2.2 op system.
Dont know if the 2.3s have a better vid chip to eliminate that freezing/ seems you have quite a selection there RK, has that been sorted out????

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My last statement, the later part should have been a query to RC (ravencajun) Vice RK (dont know where that came

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

genes the 2.3 systems are much much better than the 2.2 were. Plus with some of the newer ones going to the dual core processors it really has made a big difference but also even the ones that are not dual core are now more powerful than those were. It may of course depend on the specific brand as to individual components used.

I just today ordered a new tablet that I have been wanting it got down to $169 so I went for it, it has some very good reviews and does some interesting stuff none of my others did. So got myself a Christmas gift LOL.
Many of the 2.3 tablets will have the ability to upgrade to 3.0 which will be good, since the new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich(ICS) will be hitting the market soon.

I did not have the freeze up issue with my current 2.2 on video but also I have the very high speed cable could make some difference in streaming.

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Yeah, Ive have got high speed here too. @ 36Mbps download and 4Mbps upload speed..

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