what are you working on?

grandma_bonnieJanuary 26, 2013

Now that the holidays are over, what are you working on? I have my grandson;s valentine gifts for first grade = easy enough as I have a cricut. I use red and black cardstock and cut thye shapes, make a small hole and place on a lolipop. I am also learning to do the ruffled scarf with sashay yarn.

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Yes, I'm doing the knitted scarves with Sashay I don't like the other 2 -am almost finished with the Starbella "Canyon Sunrise" color which is blue,black, &turquoise. Everybody likes the color but those big holes. I put on 6 loops to start not skipping any like I do with the Sashay but it is even hard for me figure out how to skip a hole as it is so holy. We have discovered some hints I will pass along. Some knitters had awful time doing this. I did because only thing I ever knitted was dishcloth made them 20 yrs ago when mom-in-law taught me. So basically new knitter. We started with aluminum needles-BIG MISTAKE! Slippery yarn, forever falling off. OH, these are going like hotcakes by gals that want to sell them( $15 to 40 each)use Joanne or Michael coupons to get yarn cheaper-may have to ask where it's at- not regular yarn, it is already crocheted (you have to spread it out as you knit & most has silver or gold thread along outside edge. Most of ideas are from my friend who is great at "making do" So 1st get bamboo No.10mm needles if you want long needles but we discovered we can go fast with short needles(we had to make our own but easy so this is how) buy double pointed needles by Clover cut needles in half with coping or hacksaw blade to cut, smooth & add small sewing spool found in the wood section of Joannes. Glue on cut end with Quick hold glue going in about 1/2 in. so all are same length. These fit nicely in your palm. For any time you lay it down use a cork with a hole in it or if you wish buy package of point protectors about $4. but cork with hole in it you push works well Going to get this on before I lose it.

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OK talked to GF. Other yard is called "Patton" You can go on Red Heart website & they have patterns if you go to Sashay" problem is I'm not much good at reading them. This is very simple tho. just get Sashey yarn-red is beautiful, I'm wearing it for Valentine's Day. Pull out end & tie in knot very tightly close to end of yard. NOW start to open up the yarn. Notice wide side has a silver thread that is outside edge & you don't mess with that. Take needle & go from behind the knot picking up a loop on needle then skip next hole & pick up next until have as many as you want. I am little over 100 lbs & small bones so I don't want real wide scarf,I found that 5 stitch(loops) on needle about right, if yarn or Starbella is holy use 6 stitches(loops)so with your 5 loops on your needle(that needle is in your left hand) take other needle in right hand & go under loop that is closest to end of left needle pull loop of yard over that right point & get back so you can now bring that needle on top & pull it off(probably knitted off 1 stitch)be sure you only use that outside row of yarn & just keep going until you like the length. My 1st 1 is 38 in. In brown,gray beige tones love it. Red one is 53 in. Perfect for me. Most people would want them 52-58 inches. That way they could tie it or throw 1 side over shoulder etc. Use all leftovers. Great for hair! Can use leftover for small 1for their daughter. Kids love them. About the knot when you started, We find it is easiest to sell them might want to stitch back & forth over it 6-8times to be sure it won't come out & then just work it up a couple of rows into the scarf as people tend to play with the end of scarf & could pull it out, happened to another friend at club. So when you have knitted length you want you now have to knit it off & finish with knot so do 2 stitches just like you have done but when 2nd stitch is over on right needle stick a cork on the left needle & take your fingers & pull the stitch closest to spool glued on needle over the top of the other stitch carefully & drop it off the needle then knit off next stitch doing same thing & when last stitch is on needle carefully get the 1 closest to spool over the top of the forward stitch & hang on to that last stitch if you don't whole thing can unravel) cut the yarn about 5 ins out & hopefully it is not pulled out of shape & you must pulled it through that 1 loop/stitch that you have left, I enlarge it so I can get it over my finger & make sure yarn is as thin as I can get it so I can tell that I'm getting it all through the 1 stitch, then knot tightly close to that stitch ,cut tail off, sew over it 6/8 times & push through up the next 2-3 rows so not hanging down so they play with it. Done! Hopefully not completely confused. Red Heart has a video which might help but we are challenged I guess & do it our own way which is working out well. I made them for DD, DIL, mom GrandD & me!! Made red 1 way too long. Carefully cut made knot up where I wanted & redid the cut part little so have neat matching thing for hair.

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OK, I've seen most of colors made up. Red is fabulous,Salsa is burnt orange, wine,red, lovely. Rumba is deep blues-kind of denium look GD. Ballet is pink,wine,grey(my Daughter) Disco is deep blue ,moss green ,plum deep gold. The black,grey & white mom loved. I made mambo but didn't write down colors it is either brightly colored or beige brown & cream. Hint! when you get color home before you start working on it write on label what colors are in it because it is very confusing. 1 more thing is occasionally the yarn has hole in it or knot, most of time you can just take knot out, hole you may have little more trouble but you can work it in & won't be able to tell. Selling them- wear 1 to your Dr, dentist or eye DR.s office & they will want to order them, wear 1 to a luncheon, someone will want some, I'm not interested in selling mine but gives me something to do when taking care of mom evenings.Have fun!

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Thanks, Jan for all the information - they are fun to do, huh??? lol

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Ran into lady at Michael's yesterday & She had a lovely light green 1on, she makes it on a circular loom in 2 hrs.
Says she uses just 7 pegs & SO MUST GO BACK & FORTH SOMEHOW, ANY IDEAS! sORRY, THIS NEW COMPUTER SOMETIMES DOESN'T COPERATE. I thought I got rid of caps. Now I guess I have. Only disadvantage in doing them on the loom is the back is flat so not so easy to put knot or some of other things they do with them. It was the pale greens as I said with the little fuzz balls along edge maybe yarn by Patton not sure. She had black pants & long sleeved knit black top, it sure looked great. jAN

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Was it ruffled or flat?

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Ruffled in front flat on back side. Guess we could play with a scrap piece of the yarn. I'm trying to clean out my dad's motor home so we can sell it. He saved everything last few years so it will take rest of week at least. Jan

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Post a pic when to get it done... Doesn't sound like fun with the motor home

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GF made the scarf on knitting round hat loom. It looks a little different, little too "set" ruffles are so exact, like the other way better even tho takes lot longer. It does kind of curl up but just not as classy as other way. Jan

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Bumping this up as DIL having trouble remembering what I showed her. Then she can print off directions! Jan

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