Amanda's County Fair Grand Champion pie!!

annie1992July 17, 2006

Amanda decided to enter a rhubarb pie in this year's county fair. She used Grandma's recipe but she was tense, she would be competing with women who had baked pies for 50 years or more. I told her to relax, she had Grandma's recipe and Grandma would be watching out for her. (grin)

So, armed with Grandma's pie recipe and a set of maple leaf cookie cutters, she made this pie:

Grandma came though, Amanda won a blue ribbon for pies and a Grand Champion for baked goods:

Her pie was displayed all week at the fair, it was pretty moldy by the time I picked up the ribbon on Sunday, LOL.

Not to be outdone, Mayakla made her own chocolate pie, using the baking tools Jessica sent her. She worked very hard filling the crust:

She topped the chocolate pudding filling with a pie crust cut out of an apple, because she "likes apples".

Here is the proud baker, with her pie:

Fortunately, hers didn't make it to the fair, it just made it to her tummy!

I didn't taste it, but she says it was "yummy". I'm sure it was, a prize winner in my eyes anyway.


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OMG, the rhubarb pie might have taken the ribbon but that little girl has stolen my heart. I want to kiss that chocolate right of her face.

Annie, you must be busting with pride. How sensational are those winners of yours? Bless 'em.


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I think they're pretty sensational, Bubbe. They had such a good time and so did I. And I DID kiss some of that chocolate right off that face. I couldn't help myself. (grin)

Amanda couldn't believe she "out baked" all the Amish bakers there. I told her Grandma had her back. LOL


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Big Congrats to Amanda! Hip hip hooray to the up and coming contestant Makayla!

I forgot about that baking set

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Yay for Amanda! That's because she's your daughter and you've probably been baking with her since she was able to stand up!
Now Makayla has got the gene too. That last picture is scrumptious!

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That pie is gorgeous! Congrats to Amanda, and I expect Makayla will get her own blue ribbon in the years to come.

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First, a great big congrats to Amanda! Beautiful pie! Looks like she'll have some competition in a few years. Makayla is off to a good start! And so adorable!


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I offer my congrats to Amanda too. That pie looks delicious. You must be so proud of her. And what's not you love about your little chocoholic baker. She'll be winning ribbons before much longer. How old do they have to be before they can enter the contest? Absolutely love her tart. Bet it was yummy!


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Amanda deserves a round of applause for that pie. It is a beauty. What a shame to let it grow moldy. Did she bake two of them -- one for tasting and one for appearance. Two blue ribbons! What an accomplishment.

Looks like Makayla got as much on her face and shirt as in her tummy. We used to make pudding pies when we were kids.

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Congratulations to your kiddos. What a beauty -- the pie and Amanda! Grand Champion, that's terrific. Makayla is such a cutie! The chocolate face is priceless!

I see Makayla and Aleksi have something in common: Bug Juice!


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Congratulations to Amanda on that pie! How proud she must be! (and you too, of course!)

Mikayla is such a cutie! A little pastry chef in the making!


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Yes, Brenda, that's Bug Juice. Only UmmMa buys it for her, it's a special treat. That and Pez. LOL


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oooooh - now I'm impressed!!! A prize winning pie! WIth such stiff competition...just hated to hear that it spoiled before it got eaten though...

Congratulations Amanda!

I love the pics of Makayla - I love that she's allowed to get dirty and have fun...:-)


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Those are fabulous pictures. You must be soooo proud of Amanda. I love that she beat out all the long-time farm cooks! And, of course, the pictures of Makayla are soooo cute. What a little dolly!

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I wish I could have had a smootch of chocolate!

Congrats to Amanda! Grandma had her back, huh, too funny!!

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That is one terrific pie! How exciting to have won The Grand Champion title!!! Makayla is darling! Mom had better stay a step ahead!!

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Good for Amanda -- that pie is beautiful! And for her daughter -- chocolate face and all ! And especially for Makayla's Umma who has taken the time & put in the effort to raise those girls right . You must be so ( rightfully ) proud Annie .

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Well done! Those pies looks fabulous!

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Congratulations to Amanda, that pie looks like a winner!

Mayakla looks like a pretty serious little baker too.

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