When should one replace a refrigerator?

jerry_njNovember 19, 2012

We have a Whirlpool bottom freezer refrigerator that is between 15 and 20 years old. It has performed flawlessly for this time but now the ice maker is not making ice. Some simple troubleshooting did not find the problem. The refrigerator also has some minor shelving problems/wear. I think it is rather efficient, but I will guess models now on the market are more efficient.

The ice maker problem followed the a period when I had the freezer set warmer to get more cooling in the refrigerator section - this was because we were without electric power for more than 9 days due to hurricane Sandy - New Jersey. I ran the refrigerator off an aux generator on a 50% duty cycle. I have reset the freezer to the normal cold, ice cream if reasonably solid but still no ice (the water feed appears to be able to deliver the water input).

Is it reasonable to say it is time to look for a new refrigerator? I have had good experience with Whirlpool and see a similar model on "sale" for abut $1,000. It may be a good time to replace.

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Replacing appliances is a lot like vehicles. You replace it when the cost of maintenance is greater than the cost of something newer. Our older Amana has been working fine with one minor service call two years ago. It was making odd noises and I thought it might need replacement. The tech checked and said no it just needed a good cleaning underneath This is a DIFFICULT job as Amana did their best to bar access to the rear of the fridge/coils. With the techs help, I pulled out the fridge, removed the back cover,used the shop vac to blow out the back and then vacuumed up the accumulation of pet hair and dust. The fridge is quiet now and no longer runs excessively.

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