Uses for foam board?

party_music50January 8, 2012

Hi -- I was just given two very large foam boards. One white and one black. Does anyone have suggestions for some craft projects to do with them? (something other than just doing a photo display)

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Since it doesn't appear to have a use, I wonder why foam board is made. lol.


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not a craft idea but I use them in my windows. I put the sheets in the windows for privacy
from the outside you cant tell what they are
looks like a curtin. I dont like anyone being able to look in a window so it is perfect.
I did use a couple for a cover for my scanner. cut a top and two sides and glued together to keep my cat from sitting on top of the scanner

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How funny to hear that you put them in your window!!! So do I except the reason I put them in my window is insulation. It is amzing how much heat they keep out in the summer. I have to tape 2 together and then cut to size as one alone is not large enough to cover the window, then tape them to window frame. To be effective they have to cover the entire window. From the outside they are just white. From the inside you don't know they are there because of the inside window coverings. They really do work!

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I cut them into different sized circles a couple years ago and got a friend to help me to paper one side, paint or decoupage the other, and glue mardi gras beads all around the edge. I strung them together with fish line and hung them on my front porch, kind of an art installment. WAY TO WINDY! They blew away and got tangled and made a total mess. I was heart broken. I have put them up once in the house (christmas of '08) but I really wanted it outside. they sit in a plastic tub in the basement until I can decide what to do with them. :( So I guess it really is useless,lol.

Maybe a tiny version could be done with kids and hung in a window.


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I did a quick search on Google and there is some crafts that can be made. That might help.

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Kathy, those decorated foam circles are really cute!!! It's a shame they couldn't stand up to the wind outdoors. I suppose you could do the same thing and somehow hang a weight on them... I'll have to think about that!

oldcrafty and minnie, I could definitely use the foam to keep out the cold draft on my house windows, but I'd hate to lose the natural daylight.

marie, I did a LOT of searching and wasn't coming up with anything other than photo/memory boards. I thought I might make one of those, but a friend said they require 1/2" thick foam board and mine is only 1/4". She suggested using two together to make up the thickness, so I might still do that.

Thanks everyone! :)

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I have used them several times to make upholstered valences for my windows. They are so lightweight that they can hang from push pins, but look very professionaly done.
I have also covered them in fabric and criss crossed ribbon to use as a bulletin board. You can attach things with thumb tacks and push pins or tucked in the ribbons. I just hot glue the fabric for both projects.

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at one time punch craft was popular. You'd draw a quilt block on a foam board then using a knife or spoon or whatever works outline the pattern thenn take appropriate lengths of fabric scrap and press into the lines when finished you have a quilt "block" I'm sure if we did a google we'd find some

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Window valances you cover the board with batting and fabric. Use glue to hold together and install with L brackets. You can google and get step by step instructions.

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Funny you should ask. I am in the process of decorating a large bedroom for family and friends that stop in for a short stay while they are traveling. I thought maps would be a good theme.

I plan on using a US map and state maps, decopaging them onto foam board. The decopage would protect the maps and the foam board would allow everyone to put stick pins in the places that they visited. Each person or family having their own color pin.

Like I said... this is a plan, I was looking for feedback because I am not sure this would work and I also want it to look nice.

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I glued my world map directly to a piece of foam board. Didn't decopage or do anything to the front of the map. And use pins to show where I have visited.

I was able to get a chintzy piece of artwork on clearance at marshalls - that I bought specifically for the frame. I made sure that my piece of foam was the same size of the frame and I trimmed my map to fit the foam board.

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I bought a cabinet I wanted to paint and use in the dining room. On one side the wood was warped beyond any repair I was capable of doing, so I cut a piece of foam core to fit the side and painted it. No one would ever know.

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Any craft for kids that calls for paper plates,
I use foam board instead. In VBS that means I
use a lot. We had a 'half' sun for one item,
that had things hung from the bottom. The lion
face was a circle of foam board with yarn glued
around the edges for the mane....
Just samples-can you imagine how flimsy paper
plates would have looked?

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