craftyrnJuly 9, 2006

Like Pink ? Or do you prefer Orange . Unfortunely the dratted Japanese beetles like them both-- I've probably picked 100 of the buggers off just today & dropped them in the soapy water-- I'm almost to the point of considering a chemical deterent .


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These grow wild in California, but I prefer the pink Oriental lilies, which have more fragrance.

Are Japanese beetles the ones that are irridescent green? I think you can put out traps for them as well.


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We found this flower in the back of the property last year. So we potted it up and promptly forgot about it until a few days ago. DH found it blooming with absolutely no help from us. Do either of you know what it may be? DH says he seems to remember someone a loooong time ago telling him it was a wild gladiola? I may ask over on the garden side of GW.

Lars, That lilly is amazing! Is that particular one in your yard?

Diane, I love lillies. I have some very similar to yours. The only thing is that mine are all bloomed out so it's nice to see yours.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Karen, I have that flower in my yard also, but I don't know what it is - my ex-housemate planted it. It's very low maintenance.

BTW, Scott went with us to the Lotus Festival today, and I bought another heliconia and two gingers, but I'm not quite sure what they are, as they were incorrectly marked. I'll continute this on another thread, since this is about lilies and beetles.

The is a wildflower here, and the photograph I took was from Serrano Canyon in Point Magu State Park in Malibu.


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Lovely lilies everyone !

Karen and Lars - your unidentified flower is a CROCOSMIA, a member of the iris family, and also called Montebretia, which grows from a corm and blooms in the summer and early fall. I love these and since seeing them growing in Canada, I have bought the corms and grown them here in my garden.


Here is a link that might be useful: Crocosmia (Google page)

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I especially love lilies and these are very pretty. Thanks for sharing the pics.


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My Stargazers are about to open. They are maginficent. I will post pictures when they blossom. This is one of the times i wish we had smell-o-vision.

I like the pink one, Diane.


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I like the pink one best, although I always liked those orange lilies, we have a bunch at the farm, Grandma always called them tiger lilies.

Good luck with the Japanese beetles, I was just reading in one of the farming periodicals that there's a real problem with them this year, especially in Illinois and Indiana. There isn't really a chemical deterrent, they are not susceptible to most and even if you kill some, more just take their place that aren't susceptible. Ag agents are seriously worried.


Here is a link that might be useful: Japanese Beetles ravage Midwest fruit

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Lars, Did you take pictures at the Lotus Festival? I would be interested in knowing what kinds of ginger and heliconia you purchased. Are the plants bloomed? I'm still looking for the yellow ginger that we discussed in a previous thread. When/if I find it I'll let you know.

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Karen, I started a thread that has my pictures from the Lotus Festival - there are quite a few. I also described the types of ginger and heliconia that I bought. Some of the gingers are hardy to zone 8, and so you should be able to grow them. I have some yellow ginger in my front yard that makes extremely fragrant (although not showy) flowers. I bought very small (and cheap!) ginger and heliconia - $22 for three plants. I wish I had known you wanted ginger because I could have sent you some red ginger I have, but maybe next year. It puts out lots of piggyback new shoots that are really easy to root.


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