Recycled Cigar Boxes for Storage

kudzukweenJanuary 30, 2009

Check out the cigar boxes my husband has been bringing me. He also got me a roll of Kraft paper to cover them with. I decided to wad the paper up because the first one was too smooth, it looks much better with wrinkled paper. And I found some really nice labels to mark the contents.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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I have not seen acigar box in years--LOL
I have a few very old one that I have things stored in.

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oh, me,either! someone used to give us cigar boxes to play with when we were little, but I'm not sure who. In fact, it might have just been some my father picked up at the drug store lunch counter he ate at almost every day! Because he only smoked cigars when one of his buddies became a Dad and handed them out. And my Grandfather smoked a pipe( that's how we got plenty of Prince Albert cans to play with!)I usually kept dolls and doll clothes in one cigar box, and pencils and crayons and paper in another. We used to really act our age back then didn't we? lol I had to have been 13 or 14 and still playing with dolls,but looked like I was 21 or older :D
My husband says that the tobacco store guy has wooden cigar boxes that the good stuff comes in, for $5 each. He says they look really nice and come in different woods and shapes and I should go pick some out.

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Love the idea Cherry! I thought I posted before, but sometimes I hit the wrong button (often?). I've seen them on line for sale. We used to have some around too when i was a kid, even tho my Dad didn't smoke. Its funny now I wonder where they came from. I guess the store would give them out to whoever came in when they were empty.

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Our local cigar stores have cardboard and wood cigar boxes for sale. It's amazing how many sizes and shapes there are.

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When I was in elementary school in the mid 50's, we used them in our desk to hold our pencils and stuff. Isn't it funny how every day items from back then have become "quaint"? Does that mean I am quaint? or old?

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My granpa used to say a "quaint" house is one that you have to QUit using but it AINT fall down yet.
He was a hoot!

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You can also cover them with scrapbooking paper and use them to store barettes (sp) and such, barbie accessories, office supplies in your desk, etc. My husband smokes cigars, so I always have a supply of the cardboard ones.

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