Crystal Chanderier Prisms ?

oddieJanuary 4, 2008

Have read some post on another fourm where they are useing these for crafting purpose, I have a baggie full of them got at a yard sale, but so far havent been inspired to make anything with them, I beleive mine are old, but maybe not, saw a cute angel made but not something I want to make, any ideas?


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I saw where Robolady posted something someone made using silver forks, looked like 2 together,with the fork tines curled and the prisms hanging from the tines,like a chandelier, it was inside one of the greenhouse yard conservitories. Quite beautiful.....I plan on making one for inside my tiny greenhouse, which I hope to mosaic one day. Right now I have prisms hanging from a small piece of pipe I drilled holes in and used fishing line to string the prisms, hanging from my front porch, makes lovely rainbow sparkles.

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Oddie, I had some from an old chandelier. I used them on my Christmas tree this year as ornaments. They are so pretty when the light hits them.

You can also hang them along the bottom of a lamp shade to add extra sparkle. Or even just pile them in a crystal bowl and set it where the sun will sometimes shine on it so that you get that gorgeous rainbow colors effect.

I love them, wish I could find more. My friend found a mason jar of them at the TS one time. I keep watching for them.


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Thank you for your ideas! maybe robolady will post a photo dont remenber seeing that post, I do so love seeing pretty glass sprakle! a tree would be nice but I put up a very small table top tree, and only cause my GKs shame me! they call it a whimpy tree! have had these for years waiting on something to inspire me.
on another fourm they were looking for them to buy! I dont post there and dont want to join just for one post, but would be willing to sell them, dont know if I am allowed to say that or not, they were paying $1 each for them and more.

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That price is about right--at least that is what the single crystals sold for in the antique/collectibles store where I worked. If they had smaller crystals attached, then they were higher.

In the back of most decorating magazines, there's always an ad for a place called Spectrum (I think the name was different in my latest mag but I can't find it now) and they have different shapes and sizes and even colors from .30 cents and up. Of course, theirs are new ones. Their websit e is if you want to look.

Oddie, are your's the teardrop shape or the long icesikle shape? I just know you could use them in something really pretty.


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I found some boxed at WalMart this year for tree ornaments..They were with the silver and "black" decor.

No black stuff on my tree. Might be pretty but not Christmasy to me.

I bought them because I had been looking for some old ones.

At Garden Junk the take a pipe attach an old rusty water faucet on top, stick it in a flower garden and hang a crystal from the faucet like a large water drop.
I think it is very cute.

I plan to have one this summer.


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all sounds pretty, might hang a few on a valance in my spare bedroom, couldnt use but maybe 5 and I have 33, I scaned a photo to show you what they look like, there tear drop shape with a round top thing, one side has a small flat area and the other side comes to a point, gold color wire hooks, and each is two inches long, looks like # 2 at that site you said to take a look at, wireing is different thoe maybe you can see in the photo. when I brought them the lady had said they were old, but for the most I wouldnt know.

not much into garden junk project, althoe that sounds cute maybe comming out a flower pot, thanks for shareing your ideas!

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