need help with network

bigrig0424December 29, 2012

i am not that dump with it comes to computers but this prop has got me. i had a network setup. between a laptop and a main pc. my laptop went down and i re-installed the o.s.
it is running windoes vista home basic. i just rebuild another computer and went to add to my network. i want to hood to my tv and stream movies to it. it is running vista home prem. now my main computer is running windows 7 home prem. all are set with the same workgroup name with is workgroup. ya i know oringinal. lol. anyway the prop is as followes. my laptop ip is, my tv-pc as i call it is, now my main pc runing windows 7 is my laptop will talk to the tv pc and visa versa. but it will not see my main pc. i can ping my main pc just fine from my laptop and my pc-tv. but i can not ping from my main pc to either the laptop or tv-pc. when i try most of the time i get request timmed out. sometimes i get sent 4 pkg. 1 received. 75% lost. i thought this might be a prop with my firewall. so i shut it down. same prop. why can i ping my main pc. put i can not ping from my main pc. out. not understanding something. thinks for any help in advance.

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do you have a router ?
why is your win7 ip so different, its not the same network with that zero ... 192.168.0

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The IP address of your "main pc" seems off. I'm assuming you have a router. Do you have DHCP turned on in "main pc"?

When you ping, are you pinging by name or IP address.

And, the caps key is broken on whatever machine you used to type your message... ;-)

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ok mike. you were correct. dont know why i did not see that. i had set up a olk lyksys roughter with dd-wrt. its default ip address is my main roughter is set as so i went back into my dd-wart roughter which i have set up as a wireless repeater. and canged the default ip address to re-boot roughter and went to each pc on network. and did a ipconfig /release and renew. bingo. everything up and running. everbody talking to each other. thinks for pointing that out to me. sometimes it just takes a fresh set of eyes to see what is right in front of you. thanks again.

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