baby shower favors anyone?

zshopperJanuary 9, 2007

I will be hosting a very informal babyshower for my daughter in the coming months. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for decorations or favors I can make? I will be inviting at least 25 people and wanted to make the shower a "fun" party.

I'd appreciate your feedback, Tx

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Do you have a theme in mind? or maybe a theme to go along with her nursery? Boy or Girl?
There are so many things out there for great baby showers now days.

Here are some links that might help and there are tons more to guide you along the way...


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For my daughters shower I bought plain 5" teddy bears. I then took 4" x 12-14" blue lace, gathered it 1/2" from the top, slit two small holes for the arms to go through and tied it around the neck of the bear. I then added small florwers in the center under the neck. I blushed the cheeks with my makeup. I added a halo (the wedding rings found in the wedding section of craft shop) and I folded a 2" gold open weave ribbon into a bow (without streamers) and glued it to the back for angel wings. Strung a gold thread through the top of the bears head, tied it off. Added a poem about the mother of twins (my daughter had twin boys) and placed them in a basket for everyone to choose from. They were a big hit along with the pacifier (life saver and jelly bean) tree. The angel bear can be used as an ornament (sold lots of them at Christmas) or some of the girls hung them from their visor in the car. I got my lace from a lace outlet store in different colors. I made other things for different showers - if you want to know more let me know.

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Hi, My daughter just had a baby shower I gave . I ordered muffins from Sams Club in all flavors , And put in clear bags tied of with a blue bow and a Thank You card and sat all them in a large basket , Then when they left they took one from the basket,, Also another thing was our dollar store had baby frames in pink and blue with baby blocks on them so I printed off copies of her ultrasound pictures and put in the frams and tied a blue bow around and put in another basket, Everyone seemed to enjoy them . We recieved calls after that everyone thought it was nice to have a muffin the next morning with their coffee,,I hope you enjoy the day..

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I've made some cute little baby booties that are used to put mints or nuts in. They are very simple to make. The sole of the foot is cut from poster board and you use the plastic or paper nut cups and a paper napkin.

Also I had found this neat site for babies. They have lots of thing that you can buy. But, you could get some ideas. I think that diaper wreath is really neat and the baby layette doll is too.

If you would like the pattern and directions for the booties just email me.

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Thanks so much for your ideas. My daughter is having a girl so I was thinking of a baby girl theme or baby's feet. The directions for the booties would be great and I like the muffin idea too. Also I thought of making something out of baby food jars. Take a large jar fill it with bath salts and tie a ribbon and a card with a cute saying. Another thought for prizes for games, a plant wrapped with a diaper made out of napkins. You see I have these ideas but not sure how to incorporate them into the shower. If anyone has a suggestion as to how to make the diaper made of of napkins it would be helpful.

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zshopper, I just emailed you the directions for the booties. Have fun with the shower!!!

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I have an idea for baby foot theme shower favors. They have baby feet soaps at You can have them made in pink or any color and have it made in baby powder fragrance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Baby Shower Soap Favors

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booties made from styro cups

Here is a link that might be useful: bootie instructions

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I made little pacifiers for party treats. White peppermint lifesavers and jelly beans.

One lifesaver vertically for 'handle'.
2nd lifesaver horizontally for 'base'. I used a tube of white icing for the 'glue'.
'Glued' the jellybean on top.

I think I bought one or two bags of mints, one of jellybeans and made them while watching tv. They turned out so cute!

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Hi, we have tons of animal floating candles that our customers use for centerpieces and favors. There are many to choose from: teddy bear floating candles, mice floating candles, duck floating candles, along with many nautical floating candles such as fish floating candles, seal floating candles, etc. Many of these candles can be custom colored to match your decor. Wrap them in some a lacy fabric, tie a bow and you have a great favor that can also match the favors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Online Store

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You could alway put color themed M&M's in cute organza bags tied up with a ribbon. that would require more time.

The last shower I threw we got our favors from the corner stork. they had some cute plantable ones if you wanted to go green with it also.

Here is a link that might be useful: baby shower favor ideas

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A very simple favor/game is a flannel "diaper" made from about 2 or 2 1/2 in. square of cloth ,fold in diaper shape & pin with a little gold colored safety pin. 1 diaper is dirty- it has a very small dab of mustard in it!!When you tell them to check their diaper someone is the winner! Can be pink, blue, yellow or mint green diapers. GF was at GD's shower last week & they had a "crown" made of pretty blue fabric with silver stars, posterboard around bottom,(cut with wide zig zag) inside was stuffed with fiberfill. base of posterboard was edged with lt. blue & white pompoms. It was very cute & about 7 in across. Theme was baby will be king of their home. So the favors were bags from party store imprinted with a crown & "Thank you for attending A---'s shower" Inside the greaseproof bag was a big sugar cookie in same shape as crown on the bag. Lady had used a cookie mix & just cut into simple crown shape, they were about 5 in. across & 3 1/2 in high.You could write on the bags so you didn't have to pay for printing. GF said everyone really liked that they got to take them home! Could make a princess cookie for girl & glitz headpiece for girl. The crowns were the centerpiece on each table for the luncheon shower. I tried to take pic but my batteries died so I gave the crown back to GF. It was really adorable.Oh, crown cookies just had those dots in baby blue(looklike they were made with paper punch)at top of each of 5 points. It was very different & very cute!

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Those are some great websites that were listed for baby shower favors. Another one you might want to try is this one for baby shower favors. They have a nice gallery with pics of many favors.

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ATTENTION amy_pris
Hi Amy, I got your email, but was unable to reply to it.
The nut cups I use are the smaller ones. I have seen bigger ones. Which I think you could probably put the smaller muffins in them. Just glue your nut cup on the bootie and then place your muffin in it.Here is the directions. Any problems, just email me.

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I guess this post is a little old now but a friend of mine told me that Party City just launched a site selling baby shower favors. Here it is:

Here is a link that might be useful: Baby Shower Favors by Party City

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