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craftyrnJuly 23, 2007

Flittering around, but only on the pinks-- they don't seem at all interested in the white tho the cones seem to be same color. Not Monarchs-- maybe Easter Tiger Swallowtails ?

See the pretty blue highlights?


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Wow, Diane. Really beautiful. I never seem to capture those moments.

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How beautiful Diane.

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I agree, they are beautiful. The only time I can get a picture of a butterfly is when I take the kids to Meijer Gardens when they are hatching the butterflies! Other than that, they are too elusive for me to capture on film.

Good job, Diane, you must be very patient, waiting for them to be still!


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Gorgeous images! We never see butterflies here. Maybe all the agricultural spraying has eliminated them. Sad.

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You must have had some patience to catch those shots. Really nice, Diane.

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Diane, I enjoyed your visitors.

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