Buying new computer with Windows 8

dee_can1December 18, 2013

I'm helping my father upgrade from a Windows XP desktop computer to a Windows 8 desktop computer, with some stress and confusion... and somewhat begrudingly re: W8, but we've got to bite the bullet.

Just a couple of questions - what type of monitor should we get? A touch screen with mouse and keyboard. Or should we just get a regular monitor and touchpad/mouse/keyboard?

The computer we ordered has Windows 8 Pro. Is 'Pro' too much for household, and some small business type use? Would he be better off with just Windows 8? So confused.

Thank you for any advice.

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Over the past few months I've tried several Wiin 8 and 8.1 laptops, so my experience is limited. I'd suggest, for a desktop replacement, that you read some of the online reviews of the all in one desktop replacements that have a touchcreen. Many have excellent reviews, and they look really nice to boot. There's several with telescoping/pivoting screens that make it more convenient to go from desktop use to pure touchscreen/tablet type use.
If you can, get something with Win 8.1 already installed. The download of an 8.1 upgrade is very big, in one big file. On our cable broadband it was a long download.
Id also suggest, before you buy, if possible spend some time playing with Internet Explorer on different brands. IE seems to be optimized in slightly different ways between brands. IE was pretty wonderful using touch on high resolution screens, just ok on others.
I didn't notice performance differences, if any, between the I5 and I7 machines. I've read the I7 would be better if you do a lot of graphics or other intensive computing tasks.
Just my 2 cents...

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I just bought a new tower with W8, no need to change my monitor, kb or mouse. all is great, not upgrading to 8.1 no need and it has consequences with it, not interested in it at this time.

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Thank you both for your responses. Yes, the computer is coming with the Windows 8 Pro already installed, so I shouldn't have used the word 'upgrade'. I have heard you don't quite get the Windows 8 experience w/o a touchscreen, so probably leaning more towards that.

Good to know you can use your old monitor, though.

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I prefer my mouse & kb, don't need no finger prints all over my screen/monitor, luv my 20" 1600x900 Res.

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W8 and 8.1 do not bite so don't be afraid. Things will at times be located differently, named different, eliminated, and at times confusing. Once you figure out the difference between Start and Desktop, and the use of charms and tiles it is not difficult.

Along with the personality of a warthog I have the patience of one too. My 5 week old W8, now 8.1, is still here and serving me well. I haven't thrown it out the window. I am glad that I got it; albeit likely more enjoyable planned than as the result of a complete system failure like I had.

My tower came with a wired keyboard and mouse. I swapped the mouse for my old wireless model. I am still using the same monitor from my old Vista system.


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One of the several mistakes Microsoft made with W8 was to think that the explosive growth of smartphones and tablets using a touch interface would carry over to PC users given the same UI.

They were wrong. For whatever reasons, some like the new format but far too many don't. The 8.1 changes and the shell option came about as a result.

I've had a touchscreen for several years as part of an all-in-one. I like the form factor of the unit but no one ever uses the touchscreen feature. Friends and family have similar units with W8 and those touchscreens are also seldom used - I know because I've asked.

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So those of you that just keep your old monitors, I guess that means you're doing fine without 'touching'. And I appreciate your experience concerning having a touchscreen, snidely, and knowing that you don't really use it. My father likes his current monitor, so keeping it is definitely an option.

As far as Windows 8 being like a tablet, I'd rather computers don't resemble tablet format, myself. I guess that's part of my reluctance towards Windows 8. I have a tablet, but don't really use it that much.

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No idea how old Dad is but recently I was helping a 93 year old with his first pooter. He found he could zero in the with the mouse but used his other hand on the keyboard for clicking as he was not steady enough with mouse clicks. At least he knew his capabilities

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There are no problems like that. He's a young-minded senior. : ) He actually bought himself a tablet earlier this year and had no problem learning how to use it. He's had a computer since the mid-nineties, probably. He does hate to give up XP, though. Da...rn Windows 8. ; )

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