Cute pendants for necklaces

luvstocraftJanuary 9, 2008

Found this site/forum in Home Companion magazine and was browsing. Thought Oddie and maybe some others might like these pendants made from the clear half marbles. Luvs

Here is a link that might be useful: Glass pendants

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Wow those are NICE! I'm gonna have to go see how she put the jump ring on it for hanging,lol!

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This is so great for young folks!!
Gosh I love Patti's site. THanks so much for sharing this. It's been ages since I've found the time to visit over at Crafster's...I can spend the day there becoming inspired!! This really makes me miss Aleene's show so much, because Patti and Darcey from Hobby Lobby were always my favorite guests. I had never even been in a Hobby Lobby until about 8 years ago and now I practically live


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Ginger, I so wish we had Hobby Lobby here in California. I love it too, and always go there when we visit family in Mo. I love that they always have so many things marked down and carry such a great variety.

I had not been to the Craftster site before. Was pleased to see that allot of the people on the forums seem to be young people. Nice to know they enjoy making things too.

Kudzukween, if you read further down that post, she shows a diagram of how she made the hanger for them. They were discussing whether they should put felt on the back too.

One of the gals on the GJ forum actually put pictures of her relatives and friends on this same type of glass half marbles--lots of possibilities.


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Cute idea luvs! thanks for shareing that site, love the hanger she made so simple, but pretty, I have done kinda the same with bottle caps scrap papers ,and those round scrapbooking buttons, 1in fits perfect, the marbles are very pretty thoe, a one inch hole punch sure helps when makeing these, I never could cut a perfect circle.

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