Abby's Summer cut.............

ann_tJuly 13, 2006

Finally got a picture of Abby. She won't pose like the others. The princess is the only one to use the dog door to go into the garage where she curls up on an carpet lying on the workbench. I think she likes her "alone" time.

She is half the size of her litter mate "Monty". Isn't she pretty?

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Oh Ann she is really beautiful and her colouring is perfect.

What a sweet look on her face too!


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What an adorable cat! She's so pretty and has a striking look to her!


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Aww, could she be any sweeter looking? I love her champagne color

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Awwwwww, she is sooo sweet.

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I know the animals are more comfy in this weather, but tell me Ann, whats it like to pet a shaved cat?

(I'm gonna be in trouble now)

(you don't have to answer that)

(please don't answer that)

(don't you have company to take care of?)

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