Snowflake bottle cap pins

oddieOctober 25, 2007

Couldnt get this photo with the side show I posted, but wanted to share it, wasnt my idea,but a very clever crafter on another fourm.

Iam sure the dollar store still carries some cute snowflakes to use, I cut graphic from old christmas cards to use in bottle caps and also as the pin card, you can use those clear round button shape things over the graphic or not, also liquid laminating works good just keep coats thin or it will crack, a little diamond dust or glitter in places looks cute also, just thought I would share the idea.


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Those look hard to me oddie, but very cute. Luvs

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No luvs not hard at all, my grandkids made them for there teachers last year, I did help with the glueing, and have a 1 inch hole punch that helps alot!

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Hi Oddie,

A couple questions...

Does the card have a hole in it now from where the circle was used for the bottle cap or did you have two cards?

What would you use the snowflakes for? or is that what's behind the bottle cap? Or what is behind the bottlecap?

And is the lip of the bottlecap facing forward or backward? I'm guessing forward because of the pin.

Thanks for the post! Love your other pictures too! Some crafters have it, some don't, and you definitely do

Thx, Sheri

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Sorry sheri, I just seen your post, the snowflake is attached to the back of the bottle cap, just a added touch to make them look pretty, the pin is then attached to the back of the snowflake, the bottle cap is faceing forward, if I use a photo from a card I just cut a exta peice from that card to use for the backing, not nessesery but looks nicer if giveing as a gift or selling, I use my small hole punch and punch two holes in the backing part so the pin kinda fits in the holes , hope that makes since, if I can be of any help just ask.

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