A trip gone awry or 'Elery saves vacation'

annie1992July 5, 2007

Yes, I know, everyone is waiting to see how my week with Elery in Tennessee went, LOL.

We did get a late start, we were supposed to leave first thing Sunday morning but on Saturday I took a headfirst fall out of the back of Dad's pickup and fell smack on my forehead, snapping my head back so far my neck cracked. Dad heard it crack and thought I'd broken my neck after years of trying. I wondered for a minute myself but ended up with just a stiff neck for a couple of days.

The real problem was Ashley. She got another spider bite and the doctors have decided that it's not just venomous spiders, she's extremely sensitive to spider bites of all types. She got bitten on Friday, and it caused some kind of temporary paralysis, she couldn't walk by Saturday.

To the emergency room we went, they transferred her by ambulance to Grand Rapids for an MRI, a CAT scan, a team of neurologists, some heavy duty IV steroids. The Pakistani doctor we had kept saying it was "thought provoking". Uh huh. She spent Saturday night there, they didn't release her until 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon. Of course, I rode with her in the ambulance, never thinking that I wouldn't have a way to get us home. Sigh. Elery worked 12 hours Saturday, got off Sunday morning at 7 a.m. and promptly drove 2 hours to pick us up. He drove us another hour home, carried Ashley in, got her supper,

calmed everyone down. He was so sweet he made Ashley cry. Ashley was upset that she'd compromised my "vacation", so we found people to stay

with her Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. She wasn't released for work until Thursday.

First we stopped in Cincinnati to see his father. His Dad is 85 and a newlywed, Elery's Mom died a couple of years ago. His Dad loved me and told Elery to propose quickly, before I got away, I was a "real good catch". (snicker) If he only knew that I was really a redheaded Native American baptized-as-a-Mormon, heathen Methodist floozie!

From there we went on to Caryville, Tennessee, where we stayed with his sister and BIL. His Brother In Law promptly told him that he approved, saying he should take me up on the mountain and propose before I got away, because "she ain't no regular Yankee". I think that was a compliment, but Elery told him that I would throw him off the side of the mountain if he did such a thing. We went to the top of the mountain anyway, where the view was wonderful. From this spot you can see three states, we were standing in Tennessee and could see Kentucky and Virginia:

This view was from a place near Cumberland Gap called The Pinnacle. No proposal on the mountain top but it was beautiful:

Just to prove that I really was there:

Neither of us really care for ice cream, but I couldn't resist the sign at the local ice cream stand:

Yes, that would be "Po Ho's", LOL.

The only "problem" is that he is an ungodly early riser, and I'm not a morning person. At all. He'd get up every day about 5:30, shower, get dressed,make coffee. We stayed with his sister, so I got my own room and my own

bathroom, no sleeping together (grin). About 6:30 he'd come in with a cup of coffee for me and gently ask if I were ready to get up and get going. It was about 100 freaking degrees every day, so things got done early in

the morning or in the evening, it was too hot mid-day.

I didn't get home until Saturday night and she worked at Applebee's on Sunday. Elery suggested a joke on Ashley, so I took a ring Elery's daughter had given him, put it on upside down so it looked like a plain gold band and went to Applebee's for lunch with Elery. I flashed that ring for a couple of minutes while she brought menus and

water, then she noticed. She thought I'd eloped, LOL, and was so rattled she screwed up the order of the people next to us. I finally had to confess, of course, but it was funny as heck. ROFL Like I'm the type to run off and marry some guy I've only known for 3 months.

Of course, Dad has had me working for hours "catching up", and I took some time to pick some sweet cherries. They're in season right now and $1 a pound for u-pick, so Elery and I made some sugar-free jam while he was here. The cherries were big and sweet and hanging in clusters on the trees. We picked 24 pounds in less than 40 minutes:

As an added bonus, when I got home I found one of the neighbors had put up a new sign, he's having trouble keeping his new bull confined, LOL. Somehow when I saw that sign, I knew I was home!

Elery was kind and patient, his only function seems to be to give me anything I want. His sister and BIL were gracious hosts, although they kept trying to feed me. We did have a discussion about the "right" way to make cornbread, LOL, I make mine with yellow cornmeal and sugar and call it "johnny cake". Susan makes hers with white cornmeal and no sugar and it's "cornbread". I like it both ways and so argument was avoided. LOL

I do have some more pictures that Elery is sending from his camera, I'll post as I get them. I had a great time, in spite of the inauspicious beginning and in spite of my worries his family seemed to like me. They never made me go shopping or visit any tourist "attractions", but they drove me all around so I could see the mountains, the lakes, the farm his BIL owns. Just my kind of "sightseeing", it was relaxing, didn't cost me anything and I got to see a new place. All in all a pretty perfect vacation!


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A perfect vacation, indeed! So sorry it started off so badly, so glad your neck isn't broken and so happy to hear Ashley is okay. That must have been quite a scare!

The photos are lovely, that is my kind of sightseeing too!

Annie, Annie, Annie....why in the world were you worried? How could his family NOT like you? Silly, girl! Elery sounds like a keeper to me!

I love that sign! Well, both of the signs, but the bull one had me cracking up!


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YAY! I've been waiting and waiting for a thread...tee hee!

Yep Annie, he must reeeeealy like you to have worked 12 hours and then drove 2 hours to get you. I like him too! Thank you Elery for taking care of our Annie.

Did you have a headache after that fall? Damn you're tough. I'm also relieved to hear that Ashley is ok and all is well with everyone. Glad you are back safe and sound from your vacation.

Oh yeah... you have a funny neighbor LOL!

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Annie it sounds like you had a lovely time, despite the accident and Ashley's spider bite fright at the beginning. Of course his family couldn't help but like you .....and I agree that you really are a "good catch" for any man. Not many women are as capable as you are.
I'm sure Elery feels he's found a real gem in you.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos, and so happy for you that you've met such a good man.


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Great news! I wasn't particularly worried that they wouldn't like you, but rather that you might not have liked them! What a terrible scare with you and even more with Ashley. See isn't it nice to have a man who really CARES come to your rescue? Even our tough Annie can be a damsel in distress!

I'm glad that you had a lovely vacation, that your neck is okay and Ashley is fine. Now go give your boss a hug for making you sign up for that dating website. The only problem is that there just aren't enough Elery's to go around for all the single women out there. Your story gives false hopes---LOL!

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Ellen, I'd go hug the boss except that she's on vacation. With her fiancee. Who she met at the same dating website, LOL.

And yes, I suppose I was a damsel in distress. If Elery had not come to my rescue I'd have had to call Dad to come and get me or ridden home with the ex. Both of those options are BAD! (grin)

As for my fall, Dad always said that if I landed on my head I'd be all right. I suppose this proves it.

Karen, I had a headache for a couple of days but it went away eventually. As for the neighbor, people are already complaining about the sign so I quickly took a picture of it before someone makes him take it down!

Linda, why was I worried about his family liking me? Geez, I dunno. Maybe because I'm obstinate, opinionated, impatient? Ya think? (grin)


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I'm liking Elery more all the time....

Glad you had a good time after such a scary beginning. Tell Ashley to stay far, far away from spiders and maybe you should stay off the back of pickups....


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Shucks, I never doubted that they'd like you. Duh!

Pretty pictures -- and Miss Annie you sure are looking fine these days. Hmmmm....

Last holiday company party we had, I found out 3 couples (of all ages) had met on online dating sites. And why wouldn't you meet someone nice that way? Just look at us here - a big extended online family!

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Tennessee is one of my favorite places in the world, Annie. What a great place for a vacation.
My sister met her present husband playing some online game on the computer. I guess she died in the game, and he drug her back into town to a medic who saved her life. that's when she fell in love with him. She married him 3 weeks after meeting him in person. That was 11 years ago, and she still says he is the best thing that ever happened to her. You just never know.
Your Elery sounds like a "keeper" to me. Oh, by the way, July 20 is out. I am going to a concert with friends that I had forgotten about.

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Sounds wonderful Annie. Relaxing and comfortable. You know there's worse things to do than marry someone you've known for a short time (knowing you've done any checking that needs doing).

Big sister advice tho...I just came back from my own CAT scan today and all a-ok. On the way home, I said something to Dick and finished with Knock on Wood and knocked my own head. Bad idea...I got an immediate headache and my eye started filling with blood, and the side of my face felt like the aftermath of novocaine. It was getting better as we drove the next day and a half but this am I went to my dr who sent me over to the ER. This was all the aftermath of the head fall in Laramie so apparently the blood 'whatever' under the surface was just ready to ...burst? dissolve? be reabsorbed?

But truly, kiddo, we are the fortunate ones with health insurance. Go to your own DR and get a rec for an exam. Puhleeze. Maureen

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Maureen, I have an appointment with my doc next week, I'll approach him then. Of course he's about 12, he only works part time and he hasn't "consulted" yet with whoever he was going to "consult" with about Ashley's spider bite, so I'm losing faith pretty quickly. I sure hope you're OK, you are, aren't you?

Gina, my boss calls on-line dating the "Millenium Malt Shop". She says people used to hang around the malt shops and burger joints, then the bars. Now they hang around the internet and you can meet a dangerous jerk in the bar just as quickly as you can on-line. She's right, when you think about it.

Sherry, you and I just don't have schedules that coincide, do we? Sigh. It'll happen, someday.

Nancy, if I stay off the back of the pick-up, my stock will starve. That's how I get hay to the feeders! This time I just happened to be cleaning out the hayfeeders and using the old hay for garden mulch.

Yes, at this point I think Elery is indeed a keeper. I'm still not getting married though. And of course, he hasn't proposed anyway.


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Annie, what a scary beginning. I am glad you and Ashley are okay now. It sounds as though you had a wonderful vacation after that!

I am so glad you met Elery and are having so much fun with him! Thanks for sharing the vacation pictures, it is really beautiful there.


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"Maybe because I'm obstinate, opinionated, impatient? "

All admirable qualities in my opinion! LOL


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Beautiful pictures Annie!!! It looks like you had a great time with Elery and family. I hope your head is feeling better, and Ashley has recovered from her spider bite. It's an awful lot to happen all at once. Naturally, the timing of it all always stinks. Such a nice, considerate man that Elery is. A real prince, and nary a frog in sight. You deserve all the best.

Love that sign your neighbor made - ya gotta laugh at his sense of humor. HAPPY FRIDAY!

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What a great week after that unfortunate start; I loved hearing about it. I'm not at all surprised that his family loved you but I'm sure you wondered how they would react to you.

Tennessee is beautiful, we did a lot camping there years ago. And now, after living so long in the West, I always am in awe of how green it is. Of course Michigan is pretty green too, but it's so easy to forget that the natural colors of summer aren't gold and brown the way they are here.

OK, where are Elery's pictures - I want more!

I too am hoping both you and Ashley are much better - scary accidents that you both had.


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So THAT'S how you spell (what I thought was) floosy! I loved that description!

Well... it's already been said so I'll just mimic the responses of the others in my own voice.

So glad you were able to share with us. I did miss your presence on the forum but am glad you had a good and SAFE (after it started!) trip. Hope you wear a helmet next time you hop in back of the truck! Poor Ashley. I've always been terrified of spiders and this justifies my reason! I'm glad she's better. That was very sweet of Elery to do what he did for you and her. Sounds like a great trip was had by both of you and the scenery is almost as beautiful as the people in the pictures. Were you not able to find a nice stranger to take a "couple" pose of the two of you together?

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Gosh! Annie I felt like I was reading a Danielle Steele novel. She always has a crisis then romantic then another crisis and ending up romantic and everyone lives happily ever after!!!

I loved reading about your trip and your blossoming relationship with Elery. I'm glad his family liked you so much, but I must say; how could they not?

You look very pretty in the pictures too. Sorry about your head and Ashley's spider bite. OMG how awful. But it all ended up perfect!

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I'm late to this thread. I was wondering why Annie hadn't posted about her trip yet. Never thought to look over here.

Annie, I'm glad you and Ashley are both okay. And it sounds like you had the perfect vacation. Elery does sound like a keeper.


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I've got to drop in @ the Gallery more often--

Sounds like despite difficulties your trip turned out great--glad to hear Ashley's ok & the head's still functioning.

Gosh Annie-- Elery is sounding awfully compatible-- family values sure seem to be the same-- glad to hear you enjoying !

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oh annie, thanks so much for sharing your journeys and your courtship with elery.

i love your neighbor's sign -- my kind of neighbor!

so, how many months would it take to accept a proposal and get married?


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maryanne, to accept a proposal I'd first have to GET one. LOL

Oh, I dunno, maybe a couple of decades? (grin) Well, OK, maybe not decades but a LOT longer than three months.


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Hi Annie! Just wanted you to know it's only 100 freakin' degrees every day in August normally ;) Bad weather we're having here lately. It's great to see Elery is treating you two so nicely and you seem to be enjoying it. You could get engaged now, and wait a few years to get married? Well, just to keep him from getting away from you. He's as much a keeper as you. Lucky you two!

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Rob, that's just what Elery's brother-in-law, W.L. said, that it's usually not that hot until August. I told him I'd consider visiting again in February. (grin)

A quick proposal and a long engagement? That only leaves the problem of getting him to propose! I don't suppose you have any suggestions? LOL


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How good are you at a thick drawl and batting your eyelashes? You've already won the family over and down here, they'll normally pester him to death until he does because of it!

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rob, I'm pretty lousy at the drawl, having been born and raised in Michigan. I'll practice batting the eyelashes and I'm going to spend the next four days at his house helping to "entertain" his father, stepmom, sister, BIL, daughter and a couple of aunts and uncles.

So, I charm THEM, and THEY make him propose? (grin) We'll see if they still love me after this.....


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Right then! I hadn't heard about the trip, here we are a month or so after the fact, and I'm happy to hear you had a lovely time! Hope you and Ashley are recovering/ed nicely from your respective mishaps as well.

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