Bluestar Platinum Range

jfw3535November 11, 2013

Does anybody have any information on the pricing for the new Bluestar Platinum Ranges? I am considering getting a 48" range in red. I'd like to get some ballpark figures on pricing, but trying to finding pricing of high end ranges on the internet is difficult. I never realized it was such a closely guarded secret!!!! Anyone that has any info (or even if not the platinum series, any pricing info on a 48" Bluestar) would be greatly appreciated.

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8562 for 48" RNB SS grill and griddle on one site. When the price isn't listed and it says "call", that's what I'd do. As for Platinum the hard part is probably finding someone who actually has one, and isn't just taking pre orders. Maybe someone will have a price sheet even if they aren't ready to sell you one. Can't hurt to call around.

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I inquired last month from a local retailer, I believe the minimum advertised price was a few hundred shy of $10k.

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Just got off the phone with local retailer and he said around 8K...

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Bluestar response

At this time the Platinum is only available in 48" & 60" sizes. We're hoping to have this available in a 36" model sometime in the first few months of 2014. We'll definitely be announcing it here when it's available. For pricing, our service team would be able to answer all of your questions at (800) 449 - 8691 Monday thru Friday from 8am - 5pm EST.

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I called the number and the woman said there was not even a 36" on the radar so I am not sure who said there would be one available early 2014. I would really like to know as we will need our range early 2014 and if this one might be available I would hold off a bit.

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I also called Bluestar directly and was told the minimum UMRP on the 48" platinum was $9,980.00. I had never heard of UMRP before (if you haven't either, google it). UMRP sounds like a crock, but that's a subject for a different thread.

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I am hoping there is some new news on the Bluestar 36 inch Platinum range. I see they are now out but can't find a ballpark price. Any hints on pricing and performance?

I am considering the NXR and the Bluestar and any info you could provide would be great.

Here is a link that might be useful: AJMadison website

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We just got our new 36" Platinum installed the week before Christmas. We paid, at the end of October, $7,599 for it which included having it painted black. It came in around the end of November but the kitchen remodel wasn't quite ready for the range installation so the dealer had to hold it at their warehouse for a few weeks.

So far it meets our expectations. The chargrill is great, we cooked chicken breasts on it. The 25k burner is perfect for a wok or large fry pan. We've put it through its paces this past week. Just make sure you have a really good vent hood to exhaust the cooking smoke. Our new 1200 CFM Wolf hood liner has been a superstar of its own. Together they're everything we envisioned. We have not done any real test cooks in the oven yet to see if it cooked evenly or not. Maybe this weekend we'll get around to that.

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Double post

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