Custom Abakka Hood?

MichelleDTNovember 21, 2011

Anyone purchase a custom Abakka hood? Happy? Pics? Researchiing custom hood options now.......

Thanks in advance.


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Michelle Michelle Michelle,


You are pinching pennies on dishwashers but you are going to import a custom 60"-66" one piece hood from Denmark to Denver?

The one true advantage to Abakka is there is no seam between duct cover and hood. High end American manufactures will make you a first rate seamless hood with seperate seamless duct cover. Only a hardcore appliance super-geek would notice the seamless transition from hood to duct cover. The reason you would want a seamless hood is so the grease from cooking does not get stuck in the seams. With a properly powered blower and properly sized hood there will be little if any grease getting to the duct/hood transition.

Abakka makes first rate blowers. High-end American hood companies also offer first rate blowers. Independent Hoods out of Reno,NV will make you a first rate seamless hood in any normal/traditional style. Rah Urth,in your neck of the woods Fort Collins,CO will make you a spectacular outside the box custom show piece hood. And you don't have to ship it in from Denmark.

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Well....see...that is why I post on this site...for expert advice! I took your advice on the Miele dishwashers and then stepped it up from there. Pinching pennies...uuuhmmm...was a dream. This is a dream kitchen and the last I will build.

Will immediately look at your hood ideas!

And, THANK YOU again!

PS..Maybe I should just email u all my other questions! :-)

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I think if you priced the total cost of a custom Abakka hood for your 60" Culinarian you would agree that the difference in price between a pair of Asko and Miele dishwashers is "metaphorical pennies."

A basic 30" Abakka hood starts at $4k.

PS.. If I start getting emails I have to respond to maybe I should start charging a consulting fee:)

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Thanks again on the lead for Rah Urth....great people and already working up an estimate for a custom hood. They also do integrated stainless counters and sinks (which I will have as well for a work island and mud room). 60 miles from home...who knew? Well u did!



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A wee bit closer than Denmark?

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Be sure to post pictures once you are done.

I want to see "my finished work" :)

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I installed an Abakka range hood over my 36" Russel Range in 1994. I have been very happy with it. FYI, I also have 2 Miele dishwashers in kitchen - which were a good expenditure as they have worked well for the last 18 years and I'm just having the one I use the most repaired for the 1st time. BTW, the Abakka range hood was the MOST expensive appliance in my kitchen.

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I already had the roof mounted Abakka blower installed and then realized that Abakka also made hoods. I compared Abakka to Modernaire. As noted above the true seamless thing was the main difference. Abakka had a similar hood to what I was looking for that was on special since it was made for a customer that didn't take delivery. The dimensions weren't 100% of what I was looking to accomplish. The cost difference then to Modern-aire and getting exactly made to my specs was pretty much equal then. I went with Modern Aire. The Abakkka hood made to my specs would have been an extra 1K that I couldn't justify. On my modernaire you can only see the seams if you were on a ladder and looking from the top down.

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