Layout of laundry room?

CamGOctober 16, 2012

Hi everyone,

We're getting close to having final plans (which I will certainly post for your terrific collective thoughts). The last major thing to do with the floor plans is that we forgot to put a HVAC flue chase in. It has to go through the laundry room.

What do you think about this layout? The sizes should be pretty much to scale, with a 2' deep counter, a 21" sink or so in the counter, and normal sized washer and dryer.

This has the washer and dryer on an exterior wall, so I gave an additional 6" of space between their backs and the wall for venting. Is that space enough? I can get a couple more inches, but a few more and I'll cover up the sink.

As you can see, the plan calls for front-loading machines and a countertop above them and on the adjacent wall. This will probably be done later, as to save money initially we will just have cheap machines sitting there with no countertop.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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If you will be having a front load washer, you want it on the left side of your dryer. Currently, there are only one or two front load washer where the hinge is on the right.

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Ahh, good point--I just threw them in there without any thought as to the order. Thanks!

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Any chance it can go in the corner?
I think this definitely works. I am just wondering if taking out your corner might be better. But, this works.
(Pesky hvac chases).

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Is there anyway the chase could go where the linen closet currently is? You could then put the linens either in the laundry room or put the closet on the opposite wall extending into the laundry room with the door in the hall. It would be a more efficient use of space IMO. Just something to think about.

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It looks a little tight, for the sink area. Do you have room to store any hampers or have a hanging rod? Or do you plan to take the clothes directly from each bedroom (hamper in there) and back again?

I like Kirkhall's idea of putting it in the corner, much better...if that's an option.

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Yeah I hate the chase!

Currently, on the main floor, the chase takes up a bit of the desk (still leaving 4'6") and a bit of the pantry.

Roughly where the chase currently would go on the mainfloor on, the real (but unfinished) plans and on Summerfield's plans:

If I put it in the corner of the laundry room, I have to turn it 90 degrees, and then it takes up half of the counterspace in my pantry and sticks out into the kitchen where I've got a broom closet.

If I put it where the linen closet is, it takes up part of the desk below, but I also have to narrow the main floor hallway from 5' to 4'6", then I have to narrow the upstairs hallway to 3', and, most importantly, I loose the linen closet which I really like right now. Ultimately, that's a lot of sacrifice to get a nicer laundry room.

I think with this setup, I could put upper cabinets across the exterior wall, and run a hanging rod above the sink?

For reference, the rough floorplan before the chase:

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What if you turn it and put the chase in the pantry, by the fridge? Yes, you'd lose some storage, but you'd have the shallow shelves across from it and the broom closet...and the desk. Upstairs, I think you'd lose the corner of the laundry and a bit of one bedroom closet.

Personally, I'd rather have more laundry storage and a little less in the pantry. Normally, I would hesitate to lose pantry storage, but you have a lot of storage in the kitchen, mudroom and garage.

If you decide to do this, you could have a nice message center against the chase...right next to the fridge. Calendar, notes, emergency numbers, etc. Just an idea :)

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The other place I think it could go would be to hide it in your LR wall and lose one of your linens in your master bath (on one side of your vanity).
At least, I think those line up.

But, darn that it takes up SO MUCH SPACE!

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Looking at it, If I put the chase in the corner, I wouldn't be able to have a pocket door into the pantry. The opposite wall is not big enough to fit a door, as can be seen on summerfields drawing.

I can't put it in the living room, without having the chase stick out from somewhere, and tht would be a weird thing. Plus the gc said the best place for the chase, relative to furnace and such, is about where I've got it.

Guess I'll keep this for now, maybe when I post the whole plans someone will come up with a whole new way to make this work. Thanks for the thoughts!

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Why would you need a pocket door? Couldn't the door open into the pantry and rest against the chase wall/possible message center? From Cottage house plans

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Maybe do something a little special with the pantry this? From Farmhouse plans

And look at all the storage, even with narrow shelves :) From Farmhouse plans

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LL.... darn it, I like that a lot better--saves our desk, more useable shelf space in pantry, better laundry room (saves us from having an awful dead corner)... and we could still have a pocket door if we put it there, because we wouldn't be interrupting the wall between kitchen and pantry, or we could have a door like you said that swung into the chase.

BUT what about my counter space in the pantry? Hmmm... let me think about this. I've started a thread over on the HVAC forum to see if I can move it there.

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How deep a counter do you need? It looks like your pantry shelves are 12" deep. If you took the middle third of the area (for example) and took out a shelf or two, above the counter height shelf, maybe that would give you enough counterspace to set down a bag or two. Or store a few larger appliances, like a food dehydrator. Maybe even include an outlet or two?

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