How To Decide What Computer To Get

goldensmomDecember 6, 2012

I'm looking to buy a computer for my brother. His laptop is 10 years old and a real dinosaur to say the least. He only uses it for email, videos, and banking. No gaming or anything tech is needed. Can someone help me as to what to look for as far as requirements with memory, ram, etc.

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If he carries it around a lot, a metal case is best, plus life of battery and overall weight then too.

8gb of RAM memory is great.. but 4gb is adequate for what you just said. Size of hard drive is probably not important unless he saves lots of pictures or some other files. Intel cpu usually runs cooler than the popular AMD, which is fine too. Windows 8 is latest thing and 'touch screen' might be a nice latest and greatest option with it. Cores.. at least a 2core. 4 is better but sounds like he doesn't need that really.

I have a bottom dollar Lenovo, its really nice but not really made for portability at 7 lbs and a plastic case.

My previous laptops have been Toshiba.. only bad I can say of toshiba is keyboards wear out and are expensive for replacement costs. Toshiba may be my next laptop unless I want to spend more for a metal cased Lenovo.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

What price range and do you want laptop or desktop?

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Yes, a 10 year old PC (a 10 year old tech anything) is a dinosaur. But if it does everything he wants it to, then the specs and performance of anything you buy today will far exceed what he has now.

I'd ignore specs, aim for price and (reasonably) needed features and let it go at that. Simple tasks need nothing more than a simple solution, and I think this is a simple task.

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Unless the new machine creates a thirst for a need your brother doesn't know he has I hate to report this, but I agree with Snidely. Price and reliability should be all that matters. The most bang for the littlest buck will be the reward.


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And right before Christmas One would think prices would be close to there best for the year.

All computers at any price level are probably equal in capabilities, much of the advertising is pure techobabble.

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DA, I always knew you had potential!

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Main question would be the learning curve involved in using Windows 8, since it would be something completely new for your brother. It might be possible to still find a laptop with Windows 7 operating system if you do an online search.

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My SIL's last kid left so she went shopping and came home with something smaller than a laptop. She was raving about it and showed me many of the features my laptop had. It was something from WalMart as that is the only store in town. She seems quite happy.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Sounds like a netbook. They are around 10-12" and are a small laptop with a much smaller processor,they use mobile processors rather than processors that are in laptops and desktops. I have one it is nice to travel with.

Also available and new aRe the new chromebooks very inexpensive but check functionality because they are not a full Bodied laptop. Check reviews too.

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Most "laptops" similarly use processors that are different from those in desktops. They're designed with lower power requirements to extend battery life.

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