Equal time.

centralcacyclistJune 17, 2006

I have posted many photos of my daughter so I am sharing one of Daniel, my boy child. He is 15. This photo was taken in L.A. during the Academic Decathlon state competition. Daniel is the non-Asian boy with glasses.

Image link:

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Oh isn't he growing up!

What a handsome young man - you must be so proud of him now!


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Growing up and quite handsome, I have to agree with Sharon! Thanks for sharing his picture with us, Barnmom.

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Daniel is very handsome! His hair was longer in the last picture I saw of him but can easily wear it long or short! He is defiantly a cutie patootie!

How did the group do during the Academic Decathlon state competition?

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Very handsome fellow!

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This past year has made a whole new person of him! I barely recognize him anymore. He can pick me up and carry me around and has hairy legs!

The team finished in the middle of the pack. 33rd (I think) out of 55 teams from all over CA. Daniel performed well as an individual in the math portion, placing something like 15th his sophomore division. The schools that do well are those which treat AcaDec as a class. Our H.S. treats it as an after school activity that meets one or twice a week.

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Thanks for posting this Barnmom. It's hard to belive how grown up he is. Both of your children are cuties.

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Wow, both your kids are sure growing up, aren't they? He's gotten to be quite a handsome young man.

Your Academic Decathalon must be much like our Quiz Bowl. Although our small team has managed to finish in the top schools nationally (3rd in the nation last year, 33rd this year), they have to compete against Class A schools (we are barely class C) and against schools who have special classes just for competition. It's difficult to compete with such uneven circumstances, isn't it?


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Yes, barnmom, he is cutie! Hairy legs??? Oh my!


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Very nice looking. I would think that you are proud just to have a child with that kind of after school activity!

Karen, you have one of those "hairy legged" kids too!

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I do! I run away from him reeeeeally fast when he tries to pick me up! He swings me around for a long time and then likes to watch me try to walk...

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