Medicinal Cooker? What are the benefits?

bellowbelleDecember 25, 2004

Is it that it retains the moisture and nutrients, and has a pouring spout? I've never seen one of these gadgets before, and I don't know what makes it special.

Does anyone use one?

(See link.)

(Sorry if this post is a duplicate -- I tried to post before but I either did it wrong or...something.)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Looks to me like some sort of an herb tea brewer....
Linda C

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The Asian manufacturers tend to use descriptive words that don't mean much in English, or are the victims of bad translations. They also make the "Sunpentown Long Magic SB-610L Clean BIDET without Dryer", leaving me wondering what is long or magical about a bidet.

It's a brewing pot for tea, regular or herbal. Nice if you want to make nearly a gallon of tea at a time, but it's just a teapot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sunpentown Long Magic SB-610L Clean BIDET without Dryer

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In Chinese medicine a non-reactive pot is necessary to preserve the qualities of the herbs. A clay pot is traditional, but stainless steel is considered OK by some practitioners. The herbs need to be simmered for long periods and it can be tedious to tend them, especially when you do it three times a day, thus the electric version.

It's worth it for some things, though. I was cured of bronchitis in one day with Chinese herbs.

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