Traditional (not Belgian) square waffle iron?

cjgwDecember 15, 2013

OK, I've seen some posts here about this subject already but I figured I'd ask again...

Can anyone recommend any good new electric waffle irons that make square traditional (not Belgian) waffles? I've done some searching and it seems 99% of waffle irons sold now are for Belgian waffles! How can this be? And by Belgian waffles, I mean the kind with the deep square pockets. I want to make waffles with shallow pockets. I'd also like them to be square, not round.

So far, the only ones I've found are the two Black & Decker models G48TD & G49TD. I'm looking for something professional grade, if possible, and preferably non-stick so I don't have to use spray or oil.

I currently have an old General Electric A2G48T from the 80s that's on its last legs. Do I really have to go vintage for this?

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I believe Cuisinart brand sells a traditional square waffle maker, non-stick with 4 sections. Not sure what you mean by professional grade, Cuisinart is for home use only as are the majority of waffle makers sold in a retail store. NancyLouise

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Hi, Nancy. Thanks for the reply. Maybe professional isn't the right term for what I'm looking for. I just want a more upscale higher-quality version of something like this one:

I can't find the Cuisinart you're referring to. All I could find was this discontinued model:

It seems square traditional waffle makers are difficult to come by these days.

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Boby Huffard

Oh, Nancy Louise, I am with you! I don't want round. I don't want thick., I want to be able to remove the grids. I want to make 4 at a time. This shouldn't be so hard. Cuisinart seems to make only the Belgian type now.

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Sorry , I forgot about this post. Breville makes a regular square waffle maker if you are still looking. They are very good quality but the cost is a bit expensive. NancyLouise

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