Queen of the Night, blooming

publickmanJune 29, 2011

As I said before, we moved this epiphyllum to the front stoop to get it out of direct sun, and it has been doing better. When I bought it a couple of years ago, it already had snail and slug damage, but it is growing okay now, and I've eliminated the slugs.

We photographed two earlier flowers the night before but missed the first two. There should be another one tonight, but possibly not as large. We went out in one hour intervals to document how it opens, as it changes throughout the night and by morning is done. This one has a very strong, sweet fragrance, and Kevin could smell it whenever I opened to door.

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How beautiful!!! Would love to see the time lapse. very cool!

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I should put the additional pictures in my Photobucket account, but I haven't gotten around to that yet. We took a lot of great pictures, but I haven't edited most of them yet. It took six months for anyone to reply to this photo, and so I felt there was essentially no interest here. I'll try to make a Photobucket album for these flowers, but not until September. Kevin is taking more vacation time than I am, and so maybe he will get more pictures posted, although he tends to use facebook. Maybe I can convince him to use Photobucket instead, which can be linked to facebook. I never liked facebook, and I like it less and less each day.


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