It's October- How's Your Build Progressing?

beaglesdoitbetter1October 1, 2011

We had some beautiful pictures last month- let's see where we're all at now!

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30 Days took us from here...

To here...

Framing should be finished up on this coming Wednesday. We meet with our interior designer on Monday to make selections for the interior and the remaining exterior. We're moving along quickly and expect to close the 1st or 2nd week in November.

I'm very excited to see how everyone is coming along, especially those working on interiors and finishing up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Home Build Blog

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@Pcandlyte: Great progress! I went and visited your blog site too. Fun to see everything that has happened in a mere 7 weeks or so.
Would you be willing to message me your mudroom and 1/2 bath solution (you describe the layout changes in your blog, but I was wondering how it all fits together visually.) You may email me via GW. I'm working to figure out how to remodel a space I have.

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Would you believe, I haven't even seen the pilings in the ground with my own eyes? We go next weekend - and by then the roof and siding should be on. Amazingly fast...

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Wow, you guys are going up quickly! That is a beautiful beach view! Maybe October will be a great month for some progress :-)

Our progress has been pretty slow lately, but the brick masons have started putting up the brick up as well as the stone accents around the windows. I really like how the windows are turning out!

Window in master bath:

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We are progressing very quickly with cabinets, paint and floors! They also finished the stone and stucco on the house and added garage doos:

Front of the house has it's stone all done:

New garage doors:

Floors are in. Foyer is awaiting its tile mural.

Deciding on the number of balusters. We had planned on 3 but they are so thick we think we'll have to leave it as two per step:

Great room is pretty close to be being done getting painted:

Conservatory is painted and the yellow stained cabinets started. They'll continue up the triangle peak wall:

Dining room corner cabinets are in

Master fireplace gettings its surround:


Back hall being painted

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beb0622 - the stone around your windows looks very nice.

Our garage has been added, and it really changes the look of the house.

Our most exciting news is that our windows and doors came in. They came from Germany, so it took awhile for them to get here. We wanted very energy efficient windows and we wanted tilt and turn windows, which is why we went with the German windows. For those of you unfamiliar with tilt and turn windows.

This is the window in tilt mode.

And here it is in turn mode.

Family room window and door

The front door is so heavy, it took 6 guys to get it off the truck.

My sexy front door.

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These were actually taken two weeks ago. There was a lot going on at once: stone masons, plasterer, ceiling carpentry, tiling, landscape contouring. We've been away for a couple of weeks and I can't wait to see what awaits us when we get back there next week!

This is a shot of the master bath shower, with the pebble floor in the shower and limestone planking on the main floor. The glass arrived earlier this week and the vanities are being worked on - this may be the first room finished!

Here is the beginning of the ceiling treatment that was installed so the plasterer could plaster up to it.

Trim work is nearly completed on the windows. I finally removed a lot of the window stickers, although not before we took this picture.

One end of the back side of the house - bluebird day with a sliver of a moon.

The other end of the back side, showing that most of the stone work is finished.

Woo-hoo!! The carpenters' trailers are finally gone! This shows the landscape contouring, designed to drain the snowmelt and the springs away from the house. Lots of rocks!

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From the meadow

By bb19 at 2011-10-02

Please excuse the mess

By bb19 at 2011-10-02

Family room

By bb19 at 2011-10-02

Front porch through family to back porch

By bb19 at 2011-10-02
The view leaving our site.

By bb19 at 2011-10-02

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I think I can see my new home, contractor selected, financing in progress, building permit after a few minor alterations to plan. So many false starts over the past several months. Had to seriously downsize original plan after preliminary bids. Subsequent bids on a house that was 25% smaller only about 15% less, the joys of building in paradise. So after much "value engineering" I will have my home overlooking my orchard, farm, and Mauna Kea early next summer. Only have to rob a small amount from retirement accounts, but we had already told dear children not to expect too much, it is good. Will have my 1320 sq foot farmhouse with 800 sq foot detached garage/barn/storage for around $225/sq foot. Thankfully the place makes up for the price!

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Congrats to everyone! Your houses (and framing) look amazing!

dml, I expect to see pictures soon...especially of Mauna Kea! :) LOVE the big island, but only made it up to the conservatory visitor center once. it was cold, but fun.

david cary, where on earth are you building that you can have such a gorgeous stretch of beachfront, with nothing but your build and another house, and no hotel in sight?!

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Just a picture for anyone interested. I had to search to find pix online of these. The Fatezzi door definitely looks and feels more 'wood-like' than anything else I've seen.

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NC barrier island. The town has a 36 ft high build limit and basically puts up so many barriers to hotels that there are only 40 year old inns. The closest one is 3 miles away. Not a public access for miles. All of NC coast makes it very hard to build hotels. It is truly a sight to see if you are used to crowded beaches.

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juniork the Outer Banks type of area? Really amazing! For a minute, I though you were being brave and building somewhere in Mexico. Can't wait to see the finished project.

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Like the outer banks but not as exposed or as far away from Raleigh. No thru traffic and the last town (in NC at least) that allows dogs on the beach with no leash law in the off season.

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Holy cow your builds all look totally amazing!

Our architect should have plans finished this week. Then hopefully we can put it out for (re)bid (first rounds came in all over the place - live and learn). We got enviro testing done on the teardown, got asbestos abatement and some tree cutters lined up (GC could do this stuff, but we figured its prep stuff we can be doing while we're waiting for the plans and bids). We're keeping our fingers crossed and saying a lot of prayers that all goes well, and we can break ground by late November.

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To all of you: I'm so excited to see your progress and your excitement as you see your dreams unfold. I've just discovered this forum just recently and having been camping at the kitchen forum. I hope to be at your stages this time next year.

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Just love this monthly thread on the forum.....sigh.....we'll be there someday.

Beagles, that lazy-susan in the pantry is awesome! I've never seen one like it.

bb19 - Thanks for posting the framing stage photos of the windows in your family room. That is how we want ours to be - almost floor to almost ceiling. Your photo went into my "Windows" folder - a picture is worth a 1000 words.

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Thanks for the complement. I can't take credit for the windows as I got the idea from this forum. As a matter of fact, more than half of the "good ideas" I had came from this forum and refrences to books listed in this forum. Needless to say, garden web has been an invaluable resource for me during this process.

My advice to anyone who is about to build is to learn as much as you can, take your time, and hire an architect if you can afford one. I'm so glad I didn't build the design I had 3 years ago when I first started planning! I would have been very disappointed.

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Absolutely wonderful homes, enjoying the pictures & hoping that our home sells and we can join the homebuilding again!

Beagles...I can't see your pictures, anyone else having this problem? And I REALLY want to:)

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That's odd, I'm not sure why you can't see them because they are showing up on both of my browsers.

Well, here is a link to a blog with detailed pics if you want to see the updates. They are mixed in w/ older pictures but you can navigate from room to room on the blog.

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Well, my parent's build certainly isn't like some of the showpieces above, but I am proud of how it is coming along.

The glacier glass shower enclosure has been installed.

The flooring and lighting are done. Excuse the dirty floors. This is the kitchen and dining room

My mother's shoe closet has been built in one of the spare bedrooms where there was a shallower closet.

Laundry room cabinets have been built by the contractor. Still some issues with some warping of the doors...

Utility sink installed in garage next to door to come into laudry area. Since they have livestock and machinery, it will be nice for them to be able to wash their hands before touching the doorknobs.

I haven't been out to see it yet, but since this picture was taken, they have installed the rest of the appliances and added a tumbled marble backsplash. Cabinets are beech wood and extend full height to the 9' ceilings.

Pantry shelving is being stained and installed. A refrigerator goes in between these two shelves and then a chest deep freeze will be on the other wall.

As always, full album can be found at link below

Here is a link that might be useful: Full Construction Album

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Wow, David, what a beautiful location you have. I can't show my DH those pics or he'll be ready to relocate!

Beagles, just gorgeous. Your house is going to be devastatingly beautiful.

Everyone else, I'm always happy to drop by and see so much going on. Everyone's excitement is always so clear and it's wonderful to see.

For us, we're moving in this weekend. We have U&O even though there are some details still in progress. Our kitchen got completed, with a couple of drawer fronts still needing to be replaced due to damage from appliance installers. Our first floor tile is still up in the air...they might find a match for the color already laid down (90% done) or they might have to come back in 6 weeks and rip everything out and start over. Tile is roughly 60% of the total flooring (2500sf) on the first floor. That's a lot of tile.

I have pictures here and there of things, but none loaded onto our photobucket account yet. Things have been so hectic with final details and these last minute issues...and living with family for almost three weeks, I am really disorganized. After we move in I hope to post lots of "final" pictures.

To those who followed my granite fiasco in another thread, I just wanted to pass along an "I can't believe that really happened" kind of thing. While my kitchen was finished, the granite guy was moving on to my parents' house next door. Same exotic granite, but their place has a smaller island, so it shouldn't be an issue. BUT, my father went up to drop off their sinks at the granite shop, only to find the owner throwing away shattered pieces of the granite. They either DROPPED a whole slab (at the shop), or it shattered when they were cutting it. We're not sure, since my father's translation of the events is fuzzy. All we know is there wasn't another slab of that "lot" of granite available. Not sure what's going to happen now... Can you believe that?

Good luck to everyone in no matter what phase of the game you're in. I'll be checking back in after we have our internet running in the new place!

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Well we are moving along here - the last few days of rain has slowed things down a bit. They are starting stucco right now, and the inside is being textured as we speak.

Working right now on ordering cabinets, interior doors, final paint colors etc...

Below are a couple of pictures.

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Oh, I so want to be in the "how's your build progressing" club! Everyone's homes look fantastic!

We finished our plans and are in permit-hell right now... mainly because our local health dept didn't bother to actually LOOK at our file when I contacted them, and again when my builder contacted them. Basically when they said "you are good to go" both of us on separate occasions, they did so under an assumption that we will be on a conventional septic system. And, did not even look at our lot...well, we aren't on a conventional system. And, so now we have to get a few things taken care of before we can get our building permit. Oh the humanity! :)

Until's all I have! (which I love, but after planning and waiting, I'm so ready for a little more action)

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The lot has been staked out and the brush clearing has begun. Excavation will start next Wednesday. It's finally starting to get real!

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I absolutely love seeing all the progress and hopes of progress going on. Montel, it is nice to see a more contemporary build. Those exposed curved beams are great! Curvygirl, congrats on the near completion. I'm sorry about your constant disappointments with the granite guy.Wow. Aa, your parents' home looks great! I like seeing all the places of storage. Their laundry room isn't much smaller than my kitchen! Beb, the detailing around the windows is fabulous! David Cary I love the beaches of NC! We just moved back to NC at the end of July after being away for 11 years. We lived near the Gulf Coast and the water was beautiful, even after the oil spill, but the beaches are busy. We spent a week at Topsail Island in August, and it was heavenly having the beach without any hotels or restaurants anywhere in sight. I'll be watching your build as I dream of the coast. Montana, that view is breathtaking! BDIB, I'm always in awe of the details of your beautiful home. Dekeoboe, that is a great looking front door.

We are finally finished with framing. The plumber comes in tomorrow. We have another walk through with our builder, the second one this week, and the masons come to lay the brick and we should have shingles going on over the weekend. We are pushing to have us settled, well have us in our home before the Thanksgiving holiday!



Foyer to family room:

Foyer to dining room:

Family room fireplace:

Master bedroom fireplace:

Here is a link that might be useful: My home build blog

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pcandlyte - your house is going up so FAST! My goodness you started way after us and your projected date of completion is around the same as ours! I am starting to doubt that we'll be in our home by that time! Your home looks awesome by the way and I checked out your blog.

As usual I'm enjoying everyone's progress photos. I especially like all the homes built on gorgeous large pieces of property: (montana & bb19 and the future Andi home).

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Downsy, my builder is moving very quickly. I hope you are in your new home very soon. Whenever I'm on the lot, my GC is inside crawling around or climbing or doing some kind of work himself. He checks EVERYTHING that is done. I think we are moving so quickly because he only builds 1-2 homes at a time. So his crews are on site everyday including the weekend if they want to finish something. We discussed making sure we were in before the holidays, and he said he could make it happen, and he is true to his word.

I went out to the house today and both the roofers and the masons were working. Both teams had about 7-10 members. Then there were 3 gentlemen putting in fireplaces on the inside while I was there with my realtor team, the project manager and my hard working builder. This has been a great experience so far. We feel so blessed!

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Everyone's progress looks great and we've been busy attending to details and decisions, trying to avoid the pitfalls and problems generously noted by the other posters. We are hoping to get in before Thanksgiving; going to be close. Here are few of the current progress. Will post more once the fireplace, floors, and cabinets are in.

living room


back of the house

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Work is starting to progress quickly now. They are basically down to small things and finishing touches inside. They were supposed to bring a dumpster today to load up all the trash. As soon as it is cleared, they will dig a trench for the electric and gas and then start on the driveway.

The backsplash and appliances gave the kitchen a new look.

Pantry shelving is finished.

The desk my parents found on sale fits perfectly into the space designed for it in the laundry room. They have a private office off of their bedroom, but they needed an area close to the garage to keep some goat records and other temporary lists they might need to run and grab while dirty. I think it will also turn into a bit of a mail sorting station.

Starting to construct cabinets in the garage. They intentionally bought the longer countertop for the laundry room so that they would have a large chunk left. This was much cheaper than buying two counters. This does mean that the electric plug needs moved up, though, because of the built in backsplash.

These are some paper blinds that were supposed to be just temporary, but I think they are going to stay until they degrade. This is the garage window. You can only see the top two windows from the inside if you are in the attic, so no one will be seeing them from up close.

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S Lunsford

We are supposed to be about 2 weeks from completion now! Granite was installed yesterday and faucets were being installed today! Without further ado, here are the most recent pictures...And I hope you like pictures (like I do), because I've posted a bunch!

Bathroom mirrors from Garden Ridge

More detail

Bathroom view from my husband's closet

Bathroom view from my closet

Other Full Bath


Half Bath

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Great pics everyone!

eyegirlie - love your cabinets! We are also doing dark stained cabinets in our kitchen & bathrooms, so I was glad to see someone else doing the same! It seems like all the kitchens I have seen lately are white, white, and more white :-)

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S Lunsford

beb - I know! It's made me second guess our decision at times but now that we have them, I love them! And I love the front of your house, can't wait to see it all come together!

spf5209 - your kitchen looks huge! I'm so jealous and I love your back porch!

Pcandlyte - I LOVE your house! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Ok, I was going to keep going but there's too many of us! I love all of the houses! And I'm jealous of some of the views - beaches, mountains, oh my!!

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Love seeing everyone's progress! I was finally able to get out to our build last weekend and get some pictures. Trusses are all up and roof sheeting is almost complete. Rough plumbing has started and HVAC should begin this week.

View of front of house from inside the garage:

Looking out kitchen window at sunrise:

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I am enjoying all of these pics. Eyegirlie, I really like you house. We share several similarities in our builds. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Sherrilea, great progress. I really like the front elevation and the beautiful backdrop of your home. What a wonderful view of the sunrise from the kitchen window!

Spf...I can't wait to see your completed kitchen.

aa...I have storage envy of your parents' home. I also like seeing kitchens with darker stained cabinets.

The brick has been going up over the past week. The electrician, plumber, and heating and cooling technicians have all been in. There is more detail on my home blog. Here are a few pics.

Front Elevation:

This shows the roof color a bit better.

Rear elevation, which I love more than the front.

Brick and mortar: Brick is Barringer by Hanson Brick and Bark mortar color (I don't know manufacturer's name) it is a chocolate brown color mortar.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home blog

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Beaglesdoitbetter I am officially IN LOVE with your pantry storage solutions! Where did you get the shelving and that amazing tall lazy susan?!? This is the first time I have visited the Home Building forum although I have been stalking the kitchen forum for a few weeks. We started our house in July and just finished sheet rock. The walk out basement took forever to get finished and then the framers...we should be moving in just before Thanksgiving hopefully! Our brick is going up, we are the first in the area with the new Acme sebastian brick so we are really excited!

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Such beautiful homes! I am especially jealous of all the beautiful lots.

We're building in a lovely subdivision with incredibly friendly neighbors and tons of kids and one that feeds into my kids' current school. It's not my dream home or my dream lot but I love what we've designed and hope to be very happy in it until we're empty nesters and we buy an urban loft!

We broke ground on Tuesday but it's been raining nonstop since. I hope to post pictures next week. Looking forward to the process and watching the progress of everyone else!

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jamiecrok my amazing cabinet maker did the pantry. If you are anywhere near where he is I cannot recommend highly enough. Dutch Wood Kitchens in Myerstown. Very affordable and gorgeous work!

We've had some updates but a lot of it is little detail work so now big changes to post. Full pics can of the house can be seen here

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I just realized I never posted pictures of the bookcases in the conservatory. They need finishing details and their library ladder, but they're close to done now!

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Well, It's been a long 3+ years from purchasing the land to getting a plan we feel is the one. We filed for the bank loan on Wednesday and submitted our plans to the county. We hopefully will have decided on the builder by late next week. (waiting on final prices from 3 builders)

We want to break ground in November!!

Thanks to all that had input early in our plan debating. I hopefully will be one of the ones that can Post...ground breaking next month!!!

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Hope you get things started soon, Jean61!

WOWSERS, Beagles, it is amazing....just like the rest of your home!!!

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I thought I'd bump this back to page 1 with a small update. We are still looking to close the day before Thanksgiving. Almost all of the brick is complete, insulation is complete, and drywall is going up. I'll go inside tomorrow to take pics of the inside. It was extrememly dusty and messy when I took these pics today. Cabinets arrive next week, then we are in the home stretch!

We are meeting with our GC tomorrow to discuss a resolution with him because he changed the front windows without even letting us know of the change. I'm a little disappointed in him and the windows, but noone could tell unless you saw the blueprint, at least I don't think. Do you notice anything?

BDIB- Wow! The conservatory is looking great!

Jamiecrok- That brick is beautiful! I love the look of brick homes!

cbusmomof3- Congratulations on breaking ground! It's an exciting time. I can't wait to see your photo updates.


Back of the house from the end of our property.

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We have a hole and footers!

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I'm back! Phase 1 (the barn) is nearly complete. Now I have a place to live while I tackle the house. I've been living in a pop-up trailer for the last 3 months, so the barn is a luxury! The barn is 28' X 48', with a 12' ceiling downstairs, and a loft over 2/3's of it. Those sliding doors in the picture are each 6' X 12' and 400 lbs. I had fun putting those up single-handedly. If it were up to me, I'd just finish the loft and call it 'home', but my wife would like an actual house. The barn will be dark red, like the doors, with white trim. Not very imaginative, I know, but I like red barns in a rural setting.

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Welcome back, Flgargoyle! I love your barn. I've been a little absent this month, too. Things have been too busy to do much more than pop in from time to time and admire everyone's progress, views, details, etc. It's all so inpirational! I'll get some photos uploaded and do an update next week when we roll over to November. In the mean time, here's a quick shot I grabbed today when the white of the house against the fall foliage caught my eye.

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Our brick was completed this month and they have now hung the drywall. Siding guys will be coming next week also. We are behind schedule and now hoping to be in late Nov/early Dec.

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@buckheadhillbilly and @flgargoyle- combining your last pics is my dream!! I love the old red barns and the colonial/farmhouse look. Just brings me a comfort and warmth that you can't quite find anymore. Hopefully this time next year I'll be posting pics simliar to yours!

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Well, we spray painted the floor plan on the ground where we think it will go. (That's not weird is it?)

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