The Romeria: Oxcarts, Costumes & Music

canarybird01June 22, 2007

On June 17th the town of La Orotava on the Island of Tenerife held the annual procession of farmers and field laborers, known as the Romeria de San Isidro Labrador y Santa Maria de la Cabeza. This is an old tradition dating from the 2nd half of the 17th century and although it is celebrated worldwide and in the other Canary Islands, the procession of La Orotava is known as one of the best, being very well organized and attended with great enthusiasm by the local townsfolk. In the narrow streets, the townhouse balconies are draped with shawls, carpets and colourful bannersÂ

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo Album of Romeria San Isidro

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Thanks, Sharon! Loved the pics of this traditional procession. I think it is great that they ban the trappings of modern life. The traditional costumes are so festive - love those small straw hats the women are wearing. The children are just adorable.

You really have a wealth of the island culture where you live. I find it very interesting. Thanks for sharing with us.


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Thank you for your kind words Teresa....
I know I sometimes manage to let my enthusiasm for recording the local scenery and fiestas go into overdrive and not everyone finds it as interesting as I do LOL. So I do appreciate it when someone takes the time to offer some comments.

I will continue to keep running out with my camera(s) every time I'm able to attend events as interesting and colourful as this was. It was especially enjoyable catching the children being as spontaneous and natural as they can be when they're obliged to dress up in costumes and hang around waiting for things to get underway LOL. That one little fellow with the bent over ears looked so bored as he sat on the bench with the others. I just wish I could find the parents and offer them copies of my photos.

I'm working on putting together two more albums, that of the sand paintings and the flower petal carpets so I'll be posting those in future.


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Sharon, I really enjoy your pictures of your paradise and these were no exception. The pictures of the children were just adorable and your pictures of the carts were better than most postcards! I loved the local color and festivities. Please keep sharing!


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Oh it looks like such fun. I love local festivals that keep the old traditions alive. Thanks for sharing. You live in a really magical place!

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Catching up here - how wonderful! Thanks for sharing these Sharon. I'll watch the videos later.

Don't ever worry about posting too much about your paradise - every picture you share is highly appreciated!

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Sharon, there's never too many pictures of your beautiful place.

I especially liked the oxen, the children and the custom of passing out wine and sandwiches during the procession. Here we tend to throw candy at the parades, I like yours so much better!


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I love it when you post pictures of your island. I always feel as though I've gone on a mini vacation after viewing!

The children are adorable and all of the pictures are so colorful and clear. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks everyone...I've just (finally) finished sorting and posting the photos of the sand carpet paintings to my website and will make another posting here on the gallery of the links to the photos and my video with local background folk music that I've uploaded to YouTube. This is my first YouTube venture and I see that it would have been better to use the fullsize photos rather than the reduced pics for my video story. The closeup of the paintings are clearer in the still photos. The Flower Petal Carpets will be my next one, which I'm now working on. I love taking photos of the local festivities and customs. Thanks again.


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I've just made this photo series into a little video uploaded to You Tube. Amazing how the You Tube processing can make the photos so blurry as a video though. However I added three pieces of local folk music in the background, one of which is a Canary Island Sevillanas with lots of hand clapping. You can see how hard it is to resist jumping up and dancing when you hear that snappy rhythm. One of the reasons I joined Sevillanas dancing classes.

Here's the link below. (I've posted three videos about Tenerife under my You Tube ID as Shash27.)


Here is a link that might be useful: Video of the Romeria Preparations

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