Circulon Infinite vs Circulon Premier Professional?

jaxoDecember 27, 2010

Both are dishwasher safe nonstick and I think both are induction ready. Infinite definitely is induction ready.

What's the difference? Looks like Premiere Professional is discontinued, but available on eBay for less money for 13 piece vs 10 piece Infinite.

Is there an improvement in quality for the Infinite line vs Premier line?

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I have had trouble with Circulon and the coating. Personally, I would never put them in the dishwasher. I prefer T-Fal or Kitchen aid.
I had Circulon, and it ended up pealing especially around the edges.

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I thought the Premier was discontinued, but the local Costco has the 13 piece set for $199.99. I would have got it except I already ordered the 2 piece skillet set of the Infinite brand and it's too late to return them since I took them out of package and washed them already.
The Infinite seems like it is better quality, but not by a large margin. However, the Premier has see through glass lids and padded handles. This makes it nicer if you only use on the cooktop. However, it makes it not as nice for the oven since the Infinite can be put in a 500 degree oven and Premier only 400 degrees due to the padded handles that are not as oven safe as the metal handles on the Infinte.
I guess the Infinite with some potholders or handle sleeves gives you the best of both worlds except for not being able to see through the lid. I have some stainless steel Cuisinart cookware with glass lids that fit the Circulon skillets, so it works out for me. I'll use the Cuisinart saucepans and pots and the Curculon Infinite nonstick skillets.

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