Help with Pandigital 7 inch ereader

Richard222December 16, 2013


I have a Pandigital 7 inch ereader (which I have not used until today!)

I have downloaded an ebook from our area library, but am not able to access it. As a matter of fact, I can not seem to open any of the icons on my screen! I understand I should go to 'My Library' to access the ereader - but can't find My Library! Can anyone help? It would be very much apprecated!


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Have you made any progress?

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Hello again,

Yes, thanks for responding. I have made some progress. I had the unit hooked up to the computer via a USB cord to recharge... duh, apparently you need the unit hooked up to the electrical socket. I found the charging cord and now the unit is fully charged and I am reading my book. Although it doesn't seem to stay charged for very long.


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No, it doesn't hold a charge for very long compared to other readers. I have one that I no longer use since I have a newer tablet that is not primarily an e-reader. One feature I did like was the "night reading mode".

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