My New Kitchenaid Pro 600 - Is This Normal?

goldgirlDecember 8, 2005

I used my new Kitchenaid tonight to mix up a regular size recipe of chocolate chip cookie dough. I was surprised to find that it's very noisy, with a high-pitched hollow noise. Is this normal? My old (15 yrs) 5 qt Kitchenaid did not sound like this, and I'm concerned that something is wrong. Of course, this model has a much stronger motor, so maybe that's it. Can anyone comment? Thanks!

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Well, I just answered my own question by finding several reviews noting noise, odor, and general motor problems.

I'm terribly disappointed, as my first impression is that this machine is not as well made as my previous model. Although I made only a single recipe, the motor seemed weak and there was an odor. Also, it doesn't work well for a smaller mixture.

Although my old Kitchenaid was bit clunky, it worked great. I upgraded because I tend to double and triple cookie recipes at the holidays and wanted a larger capacity.

Since I did end up buying it at William Sonoma, I can take it back. But what do I replace it with? Arghhhhhhh.

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Replace it with an Electrolux Assistant. You'll never look back at KA....

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TriciaE - I read your post in another thread about the Electrolux. Thank you for all that detail, because I had never heard of this unit. Your info reminded me of something else I noticed with my new KA - it moved at high speeds. Ugh.

One more question - can the Assistant be used effectively for smaller recipes, e.g. a single load of cookies or a cake? Thanks!

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goldgirl, absolutely you can make just a single recipe of cookies with only a couple cups of flour. Or, you can make enough dough for 10+ loaves of bread at's got a 28 cup capacity.

Here's a full description you might enjoy looking at...

Here is a link that might be useful: Electrolux Assistant

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I had posted previously with questions about the Bosch mixer. I haven't purchased anything yet and hadn't heard about the Electrolux Assistant. Can anyone compare the 2 models?

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Yes, I surely can. I owned the Bosch for 21 years & loved it. I purchased the Bosch after reaching a point of no return w/my frustrations w/KA. Bosch performed only complaint was that the bowl was not d/w safe. I believe today they are but I'm not sure.

Three years ago, the Bosch began making odd noises like, maybe, it was time to start looking for a new mixer. I looked at everything available, including KA's. I finally went to Norwich, Vermont to the King Arthur Test Kitchen and spent the day reviewing mixers. They sold Bosch, KA, & the Electrolux Assistant so they had nothing to gain by directing me one way or the other. We compared all of the mixes side-by-side and "took them for a test drive". I chose the Electrolux Assistant. After over three years now, I believe I made the correct choice.

Primarily, I use my mixer for bread. Yes, it gets used for cookies, meatloaf, egg whites, etc. but it for bread that I justify the cost of these mixers. And, for bread the Electrolux is just so much better than anything else on the market...the rollers really do act like your hands in the kneading process resulting in a completely well-kneaded loaf that is actually visibly different than either the Bosch or the KA. The dough is silkky, smooth, and with well-developed gluten.

The machine itself is well made as you would expect an Electrolux product to be. This is a workhorse is not intended to be a "fashion statement" in your kitchen although it does comes in four different finishes. However, you'll not find the Electrolux in "Kiwi" green or "Pumpkin Something Or Other". This mixer is purchased by people who are looking for performance, value, and quality.

I will say that Viking now has a mixer on the market that was not available when I purchased my Electrolux. King Arthur is selling it. I have no idea what the quality is or how it performs, however, I would be remiss not to mention its existence. IMO, this new Viking has not been around long enough to pass any type of time test. Just the name Viking is not enough for me to recommend the mixer. But, a potential buyer should compare all that's available so I mention it...

I'd be glad to answer more questions if I knew specifically what you interested in.

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I forgot to note...don't get hung up on watts in comparing these mixers. The Electrolux works on an entirely different concept design. You can't compare apples to oranges.

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Tricia, thank you for the information. My original thought was to buy a mixer that I could use to make bread but I have since decided that I'll continue to use my bread machine for that purpose. I really don't use it enough and I don't think a new machine will make me change. Having said that, which machine would you recommend for cakes and cookies?

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In that case, I'd recommend the Bosch. It will make excellent bread should you ever decide you'd like to try doughs that can't be accommodated w/your bread machine. And, it is superb for cookies, cakes, and the like. The Bosch is dynamite with egg whites (probably even better than the Electrolux for this purpose). I used one exclusively for 21 years so I speak from experience. It is a fine product. Bosch puts its name behind their machine and you'll never have problems should anything ever go wrong. Service can be anticipated to be excellent. Drawbacks are that the Bosch can if you're not careful throw flour at you (although not as bad as the KA) and when using for a heavy will walk some around the counter. I would NEVER leave a Bosch unattended. I will leave my Electrolux and actually go use the restroom while it's doing its thing.

As for the various KA products. If you're going to do anything except look at it (I like the colors, they are pretty little devils)...I just can't, in honesty, recommend this machine to anyone. Have you ever watched this mixer being used? It's cracks me up seeing people trying to peek around the motor housing to look inside the bowl or sifting flour onto a sheet of waxed paper and then trying to feed it into the mixer. What a joke! KA refuses to redesign a bad product, IMO. It is simply put not user friendly. There's developed a little cult around folks who own KA and they come up with the darndest tactics to get around the serious design flaws in their KA mixers because they really WANT to love those things. I just laugh...If I'm going to spend hundreds of dollars on a product..that product darn well better work WITH ME for darns sake..not fight me every step of the way like the KA does.

KA relies, for sales, on people who do not really cook that much. They constantly refer to people's grandmother's having their machines. That is correct. But, grandmother had NO choice for years. For 50 years, KA had no competition in the U.S. Also, there's a funny thing that I've witnessed repeatedly in the bread baking classes I've given...people just seem to try really hard to like KA. They constantly make excuses for its flaws, like a mother might do with her misbehaving child. It's quite amusing, to me. It's like Coca-Cola...KA is an American icon and...darn it...we're loyal people. By the time people completed my 12 weeks bread baking classes, they'd almost uniformily purchased Bosch mixers (and, I didn't sell them). During the years, I was had to go out of your way to even locate a Bosch for sale 'cause they weren't common like they are now.

So, after a long post...Bosch if not Electrolux. But, there's little price diff between the two. So, why not go with the Electrolux and have confidence and capability sitting there should you decide to expand your horizons.

I was so fortunate to live within a two hours' drive of the King Arthur test kitchen. They were so helpful to me. I was already an established customer for years and so they took an entire day working with me to find the right product, for me. Had it not been for that "test drive", I'd of certainly purchased another Bosch.

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Tricia - Thanks for the link, I'm boxing up my KA and returning it this week. What a disappointment - I had been looking forward to buying the Pro 600 for over a year!

I'm checking into the Electrolux and will let you know what happens :)

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Tricia, your posts are so helpful but I'm confused. I still don't know if you think I should buy a Bosch or an Electrolux. I wanted a Bosch for the special cookie beaters. Does Electrolux also have these? How much is the Electrolux? I can buy the Bosch from a mom and pop store that's close to me but I'd have to find an Electrolux dealer. I appreciate your comments about the KA. My newly married daughter has always wanted a KA but I will send her a copy of your post to try to dissuade her.

So, which one should I buy?

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No, Electrolux does NOT have special cookie beaters nor does it require any. Truth be told, it doesn't even need the extra bowl and whisk for egg whites. They include that for American customers only because in the U.S. people are so conditioned to KA that they BELIEVE they can not whip egg whites with something that does not look like a KA. I have NEVER used my extra bowl & whisk. The roller does a great job with egg whites so why bother switching everything around? So, I don't. The Electrolux Owner's Manual explains that the roller will whip egg whites but I wonder how many people ever read.

Anyway, if you really are not a bread fanatic like I am, then I guess I'd say the Bosch would be a good mixer for you. The Electrolux is a little more money and, maybe, you'd never use its complete capability. But, I just bet that you'd never use your bread machine again if you had an Electrolux mixer!

So, if you're absolutely sure you'll not, in the next 20+ years that you'll own that mixer, ever wish you had the bread capabilities of the Electrolux...then go for the Bosch. You will save a few dollars. These are expensive pieces of equipment & not something you'll replace on a whim. You know do you cook now? what do you want to learn as a cook? do you realistically have both the desire & time to spend making bread? Only you can answer these questions. We all have to make a meal once in a while but we don't all have to make bread. And, it is in the bread kneading that the Electrolux outshines the Bosch.

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Thank you Tricia for responding so quickly. I think I'll try to find an Electrolux Assistant dealer and check it out. The owner of the restaurant supply store that I go to was the one who recommended the Bosch machine and he didn't even sell it. He just said he and his wife had been using it for so many years and it was still going strong.

I'll keep you posted on my decision once I get to look at the Electrolux.

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Here's to many happy years of baking...keep us posted on what you decide....

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OH dang dang dang! Tricia - you speak the truth! I have been wanting a KA for years (good marketing I guess) and finally "splurged" last year. It is awkward!!!! I love to cook but baking is new to me and that is why I purchased the KA with visions of creating great things. I hate it!!! I thought I was missing something. I don't find it useful at all! One look at the Assistant and I can see it would aleviate the problems I am having. Oh, darn...unless there are kitchen gods our there - it will definately not be in my budget. I am so disappointed...but at least hearing your post I don't feel as incompentant as I have been feeling....oooohhh I'm depressed - I want to make bread and lots of spores in the air to make BETTER bread...

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I think one of the reasons we believe that the KA is the best is because all the bakers on The Food Channel use one. I had thought that if they used it, it must be the best. I guess KA just had good marketing to get their product on these shows.

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I feel so badly about your disappointments with the KA & especially about your feeling badly about yourselves. It is NOT's the KA.

And, yes...they do have a good marketing team that preys on American loyality to something they remember from childhood in their mother's/grandmother's kitchens. KA pays huge dollars to the Food Network to promote their products. As do other manufacturers such as Le Crueset. I happen to be a Le Crueset fan but also realize that I don't need their product to make a good meal...they're just nice and a pleasure to use. Since America is not the primary market for Bosch or Electrolux they do virtually no advertising on our side of the pond. Their attitude is that someone wanting to get out of the KA trap will find them.

No doubt, they are expensive. A caution is in order here though...These mixers are wonderful tools but they are not necessary for quality bread as is evidenced by the Electrolux's design. The rollers do a great job of reproducing what HAND-KNEADING accomplishes. You can make PERFECT bread with nothing more than a bowl, wooden spoon, measuring cups, and a baking pan/tray. Start with recipes that make only a single's easy to handle the dough and won't exhaust you. As you gain strength in your hands and arms move up to a twin-loaf recipe. European bakers hand-knead humongeous amounts of dough.

So, while you're saving your pocket change for a new mixer...don't let the lack of one stop you from practicing on technique and enjoying the fruits of your labors. Even with a machine to do the physical work, you'll still need the skills to recognize when something's not going right...i.e. you added too much flour (most common cause of bread failure followed closely by too hot of liquid).

But I would recommend not wasting hard-eerned money on a product that just won't live up to its claims. Actually, KA doesn't advertise much about how their products really function. Most all of their ads stress the it's been around forever thing. They don't have much to say about the quality of product coming out of their mixers. Really listen to the next ad to's interesting.

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After Maria's last post, I was going to respond that KA simply saturates the market by making their machines available everywhere, from discount stores to specialty stores. I bought my previous KA at a discount store in 1991, and although it was a low-end machine and clunky, it at least did its job. And to be honest, I can forgive a $100 machine for moving on the counter at a high speed, or not being perfect in some other way. I *can't* forgive an almost $400 machine.

Ironically, I normally research appliance purchases to death - but when I decided I needed a larger capacity mixer, I didn't even think twice about purchasing another KA because, as Tricia points out, it's almost engrained here that KA is THE brand to buy. I figured if my last machine was pretty good, this newer/bigger machine would be even better.

I'm sure there are folks here who are very happy with their KA 6 qt, but I'm terribly disappointed after a year of looking forward to this purchase. And I'm no expert baker - just want a machine that does what it's supposed to do, and will allow me to perhaps expand my horizons down the line.

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I had always wanted a KA too, but after seeing the BRAUN K1000/1200 on TV a few years ago, I bought one at Best Buy.

It's a "Multi-Purpose" type machine that is a Mixer/Blender/Food Processor all in one. But it has been PLENTY powerful and versatile for me. I LOVE it.

Unfortunately, Braun stopped selling them in US and I think they have stopped making them at all. I do see a much smaller Braun on the Web, but not anywhere near as nice as the K1000.


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After reading (and very much enjoying) this thread I was shocked to find Cooks Illustrated ratings of mixers in the Nov-Dec 2005 issue.

Their top rated mixer is the KitchenAid Professional 600 followed by DeLonghi DSMS and then the Hobart N50 (for a mere $1,500!!)

Two Viking (VSM 500 and VSM 700) mixers along with the Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine were listed as "recommended with reservations".

And the only mixers they listed as "not recommended" were the KitchenAid Classic Series (4 1/2 quart 250 watt) and the lowest rated Electrolux DLX-2000 Assistent. The Bosch Solitare MUM7400 (700 watt $900) and a half dozen or so other mixers were eliminated when they were "unable to knead dough acceptably".

I've always liked and trusted CI but will undoubtedly be a tad more skeptical of their reviews from now on.

Terry Light
Oak Hill, Virginia

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I returned my mixer to Williams-Sonoma tonight, and had no problem. The salesperson did keep asking if I wanted a replacement, thinking the machine I had must have been a lemon. I explained the issues, and told her I was going to look at other brands. Of course, she said they only carry KA because that's the only brand they'll guarantee for life - everything else with fall apart.

Funny thing happened after that - another customer asked me if I could answer a few questions about the mixer since she saw me return it. That salesperson high-tailed it over to make sure she got to her first LOL.

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I have a pro model KA and a tilt head. I am seriously considering selling them on ebay, or in the paper, and saving up the difference to buy a better mixer. I think this might be a good time to do it, as I don't have much time to cook or bake right now, but I hope to in a couple of years or so. This thread is great! Thank you. :)

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Well, I have certainly changed MY mind!!

Thank you TriciaE for all of your insight. And to think that I was going to "treat" myself to a KA next week!


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And all these years we thought it was something we were doing wrong ;o) I have been looking for a reasonably priced stand mixer ever since my KA started leaking grease a few years back. I must have been working the poor dear too darn hard...asking it to knead bread dough...shame on me! The solution is to have it serviced by having the grease re-packed in the motor housing. I had this done twice over the years, but when it happened a third time, my frustration got the better of me. The time span between re-packing seemed to shorten with each service, so I figured the death-knell was imminent. That, coupled with the KA's other inadequacies, made me look at other options. But it's so true about being conditioned to believe that the KA's are the "be all, end all" of stand mixers. I finally decided on the Viking stand mixer after seeing one in a kitchen store in the Berkshires, MA while we were visiting relatives. They let me test drive it and I was impressed, but I didn't have the opportunity to stay there all day . My basis for comparison is only between the KA, Bosch, and Viking. I would love to be able to travel to the test kitchen at King Arthur's, but it's a tad far. I did have a long conversation with a baker at King Arthur's, who spent a good amount of time on the phone with me answering my myriad of questions. After speaking with her, I decided that the Viking 5-qt. will suit my needs. DH was willing to travel to a retail store to purchase one (he likes to see things up close and personal), but since I had already had the opportunity to try one in person, we decided to order it through King Arthur/Baker's Catalogue. The nice thing is that shipping is free (most places have that promo going), so I just ordered mine. I hope it lives up to my expectations.
It has some very nice features: very slow start, so the flour, etc. doesn't "poof" when the machine is started, all metal gears/transmission/parts, 800 watts (which, I understand, means very little if the torque is not utilized), back wheels for easier maneuverability, and the ability to do multiple batches without a strain on the motor. I also understand that when kneading dough, it will "throw" the dough high up on the bread hook, which minimizes the strain on the motor.
It should arrive within the next week, so I'll bake like crazy and report back...wish me luck!

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I am still debating which machine to buy but know it will not the be KA. I think that the only thing the KA has going for it is the look.

How much was the Viking? I had been torn between the Bosch, Electrolux Assistant and now I have to think about getting a Viking.

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I should have also asked, what attachments can you buy for the Viking, Bosch and Electrolux Assistant and which ones are must haves? What attachments come with them?

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The Viking 5 qt. is $400.00, and that's pretty much across the board. Since it was mail order, I didn't have to pay sales tax and the shipping was free. I chose to order it from King Arthur Flour/Baker's Catalogue because their reputation is excellent. They not only sell the products but have a working knowledge of them, as well. I chose the Viking because it will fit my needs and will do a variety of tasks, from mixing bread dough to whipping egg whites.
Good luck with your decision ;o)

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I bought the KA Accolade mixer, after having a KA for several years. (We lost our last one in our fire last year.) I could not believe the sound it made when I first used it! It produced a loud whiney sound, so loud that I couldn't hear the timer going off. This was not acceptable. Unfortunately I had already thrown out the box it came in, but did have the receipt (purchased at a dept. store.) But first I called KA direct. I spoke with a customer service person - I wanted to know if this sound was just a quality of this mixer. She had me turn it on and she listened to the sound. After I had given her the model and serial numbers, she said they would sent me another mixer and arrange for me to send back the one I have, free of charge. I was very impressed. (I didn't relish the idea of lugging the mixer back to the store.) So I will let you know if the replacement mixer is better than the one I have now. Unfortunately, the Viking and other machines are just out of my price range.

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From all I have been reading, the noise made by the Accolade is a major complaint by people who have purchased them. If the next one you receive makes the same noise, I would return it and look at other options. If I'm correct, the Accolade costs between $270.00 & $300.00. FWIW, if I'm spending that kind of money I would rather bite the bullet and spend another $100.00 and have a mixer that will last me until I'm dust, rather than have to worry if it's going to poop out and I'm going to have to buy another one down the road. I purchased the Viking 5 qt/800 watt mixer, which is $100.00 less than the 7 qt./1000 watt model. Mr. Marv and I discussed which one I should purchase, since he also believes that the purchase should be based on your needs and that should be the basis for your choice. For my needs the 5 qt. will be more than sufficient. Just food for thought.

Marie - The Viking has a bunch of different attachments you can purchase, such as a blender jar, juice extractor, etc. It's similar to the attachments offered by the KA, but the difference is that instead of attaching to the hub on the head of the machine (the KA), there is a "flip up" piece on the back of the machine where the attachments go. I don't plan on getting any attachments, since my main objective is using it for whipping, making dough and other chores a stand mixer does well. Check out the King Arthur/Baker's Catalogue website for more onfo on the specs and attachments.

Here is a link that might be useful: Viking mixer - King Arthur/Baker's catalogue

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Thank you for the link. The items I think I would want are the slicer/shredder and pasta maker.

I have a cuisinart which I don't like to use because of the clean-up. I wonder if I had the Viking and kept it on the counter, if I would use the slicer/shredder or would I not like its clean-up as well.

The Bosch has cookie dough blades which the salesman explained came out recently as a new item. I think I'd be buying the Bosch because of this feature. Do you think that this is just a gimmick or a great item?

I honestly don't think I'd be using the mixer for bread dough very often. And I don't bake cookies or cake, etc. all that often as well. The mixer I have now doesn't work well so perhaps that's part of the reason. But I wonder if I just "want" this or do I really "need" this? Even if I were to use it sparingly, would having a dependable mixer make the money spent worth it?

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Marie, in case you're not aware...your Cuisinart goes straight into the dishwasher. The manual recommends a dishwasher for sanitation purposes. So, clean-up's a snap!

For pasta, I really prefer the old stand-by Atlas crank. It makes excellent flat pasta & spaggetti. I don't care for any of the extruded ones.

A mixer shouldn't need attachments for cookies, for Pete's sake! Either it is adequate to do it's job or it isn't...
I owned a Bosch for 21 years, without ever having a "cookie" blade and it performed excellent. I switched to the Electrolux because I'm a bread baker. Bosch makes a fine product...

I'm anxious to hear how folks are going to like the new Viking. It has the same awkward design as KA. You still have to peek around the motor housing to see what's happening inside that, I'm wondering what's going to be so different about it? Time will tell.......

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The dishwasher I have isn't that large and I don't run it everyday since there are only the 2 of us. That's why I prefer to wash it by hand.

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The real reason that people loved their mother's and grandmother's Kitchenaid mixer was they truly were the best on the market and better than todays mixers.

The old ones were built by Hobart [the ones who make commercial mixers]. They last forever with proper care.

Now, in my mind the best table top mixer [the most dependable and the most powerful] is the Hobart N-50.

Yes, they cost a fortune $1,500 new, but older used ones and head and shoulders above Kitchenaid, Electrolux, Viking, etc. Mine was built when they first came out 1947, and it is still humming along fine. No noise, no problems. I have an even older Kitchenaid Model G mixer from about 1936. It is solid as a rock.

The only reason CI did not chose the N-50 as the best mixer is it's weight and cost.

I would suggest you find a good used on on Ebay like I did years ago. They should not run you more than what you would pay for a new Viking, and you will be able to pass it on to your grandkids [after the Viking is dead and gone].

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I popped back over here and was surprised to find this thread still going!

To follow up, I ended up buying the Electrolux DLX after endless research. The funny thing is, I was really looking for a mixer for large loads of cookies, etc., not bread. Well, guess what? The only thing I've done so far is make BREAD LOL.

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