Is there a way to email a several minute video?

lynnalexandraDecember 30, 2013

My daughter had a piano solo in her school's winter concert. It happened to have been broadcast on the education access tv network. So we recorded it on our tivo. I can edit it so we have just the video of her solo. I think I can convert it to mpeg format.

So is there a way to get it into a file form that could be sent/attached in an email? She does not want to post it on youtube and send friends and family a link. She'd doesn't want others to view it (and while she's knowledgable about youtube, facebook and privacy, she seemed clear she didn't want them posted there).

This has actually come up in other contexts as well. So if there's a way to send a few minute video, I'd love to know. For that matter, is there a way to send a longer video? perhaps 30-60 minutes?

Thank you.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

I'd possibly look at one of the free file hosting services, several of which are listed in this (probably outdated but maybe still useful) CNET article: How to save and share ridiculously large files

Personally, I'd probably use MediaFire assuming the file isn't over 200 meg. but that's only because I already have an account there. :)

Concerning Youtube, has she considered "unlisted?

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Thanks, Chuggerguy.

The unlisted video is an interesting idea. That little video taught me about private, public and unlisted. While I view youtube and have an account, I've never uploaded video. So I suppose I can upload video - but those grandparents without a youtube account couldn't see a private one - just an unlisted one.

The article for sharing large files is interesting. I'd be curious about what's current - although I guess I can upload the video to my dropbox. I know how to share a dropbox link - just didn't know I could upload video.

This is a great start and may be all I need for this one piano piece. But I"m still interested in any other ideas as I can see that sharing video is going to be increasingly desirable.


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