Open House!!

annie1992June 22, 2006

As you mostly know, Ashley's graduation Open House was on Saturday and I did all the cooking myself, 17 hours worth on Friday. We had 138 people attend over a 4 hour period, but I still had leftovers.

I was busy enough that I never did take pictures of the food (bad, bad Annie), except the cake which was made by a local bakery:

Makayla came over on Friday with her Mom and helped me cook, here she is stirring the chocolate chip cookies (before she held the chicken, guys, I promise!). She took 2 dozen cookies home for Dad for Father's Day:

Her bruvver had to taste test the cookies of course. Bud gave them two thumbs up!

Here are my helpers. The seated one is Dylan, my farming assistant and great nephew. His brother Noah is next, then one of the twin terrors, Summer. Finally, the last step is the monkey, Makayla:

Amanda and Ashley decided to wear matching dresses, like they used to do when they were smaller. LOL

My mother and her sister, my Aunt Ronni, helped me set up:

David came in from the hay field to give us a little entertainment in the form of a small peep show:

This is half of the hall we were in. My sister is the woman in white in the foreground. You can see Bruce and his current, girlfriend right in front of her. GF has a brown shirt, white pants, black hair.

This is the other half of the hall, I knew you wouldn't want to miss it. LOL

Finally, as is the tradition here, we set up a board filled with embarrassing childhood pictures of Ashley. Makayla stood in front so everyone could see how much they were alike.

Ah, what a party. Lots to eat, lots of people, about 93F. What more could a graduate ask for? (grin)


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Oh those are some great pictures! I love seeing pix like these where everyone is smiling and enjoying each other's company!! Great job Annie!!

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Annie you continue to amaze me with all your hard work, especially where food is concerned - growing it, harvesting it, preserving it, cooking and presenting it.

Looks like a real slam bang great family party! Something like my family when we all get together. I bet Ashley was so pleased.
Love that cake and pics of Makayla, as well as all the others.


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Wonderful pictures, Annie, thank you! Too bad I can't see Bruce clearly, I'd like to spit in his eye.

(Oh, gosh, did I really say that? I just astound myself sometimes.)

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Thanks, Woodie, for that smile. I once told the boss I had to learn to spit so I could spit on Bruce, but I never really did it either. (grin)


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Wow, what a party, a super way to celebrate Ashley. I love the matching dresses. You have a great family.


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Great photos, Annie! Looks like you had a happy crowd there.

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

LOL, Woodie!

I'm so tired thinking of all the work for 138 people. I still don't understand how you can do that when I collapse at dinner for 6! It looks like a great party, I love the cake, so cool! What a fantastic celebration for a fantastic girl! Congrats to Ashley! I love the matching dresses, and nice legs, David :) Thanks for sharing. Makayla is such a cutie!

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Looks like a great party, Annie. That was a lot of work, but all worth it for such a special girl!
Love the matching dresses, by the way....


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You sure know how to throw a party Annie. Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves. I love when you show us pictures of Makayla and Bud. Fun watching them grow up.


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What a great day for Ashley, you went to a lot of work Annie and Ashley deserved the attention. Holy, shmoly but they do grow up faster than we can blink.

Good luck Ashley on the next leg of your travels.

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LOL woodie! Bruce doesn't stand a chance with the CFer's, me included!

I can just feel the love!! I think that is cute that Amanda and Ashley wanted to dress alike. Sweet sisters.

Thank you Annie for sharing your life and your family with us.

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Wonderful Annie. What did you serve besides chocolate chip cookies and cake?

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Dang... wish I could have made it to the party. Looks like you all had a great time. I'm sure the ex took all the credit.... Annie I really admire you, great job on the party and all the family. Thanks for the photo's.

And the menu was......???


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Ah, the menu? I don't need no stinkin', wrong movie.

We had BBQ'd chicken, we actually ate about 60 lbs. of it. Tri-colored potato salad with red/white/blue potatoes, the tiny little ones so I didn't have to peel them. Baked beans, sweet and sticky, fresh veggies with dip, tortilla chips with con queso, homemade "buns" with deli sliced ham. 6 dozen each peanut butter and chocolate chips cookies, 1 large Texas Sheet Cake, 1 sheet cake pan full of apple pie, 20 gallons of iced tea and 20 gallons of lemonade. Lots of leftovers except no desserts, tea or lemonade. It was so hot that people were drinking a lot, but not eating so much.

And yes, I made every darned thing myself, except that fancy pants cake with Ashley's picture on it. Nancy, I wish you could have made it, we missed you!


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Wow! Some Open House!!! I'm tired just reading your menu! LOL! Hope you rested up well after all was cleaned up and put away.

Love the sisters' dresses, love that monkey Makayla, love the pics of your family!


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Annie, great job! Looks like a fun party.

Congrats, Ashley!


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My pretty little Makayla is looking a little frazzled with all the cookie baking. Do the words Child Labor Laws mean anything to you?! ;-Ã

All in all, it looks like it went smoothly for you. Thanks to Mom and aunt Ronnie. Btw, Sam has changed her mind about an Open House, so I guess, I'm next, I'm afraid.

As for Bruce and his lady friend, I can't help but smile, because I could easily make millions by writing the next bestseller: "How I lost 325 lbs. in one day."


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LOL, Sol, go ahead, write the book. I won't even ask for royalties.

As for Makayla, when I tried to help I was instructed: "UmmMaa, dem tookies is mine". What's an UmmMaa to do?

Geez, you have to do the open house thing? I'm so sorry, couldn't you just offer her the cash? Sigh. Want me to come over and help. I'm experienced now!


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Congratulations to Ashley! What a great party, Annie. Looks like lots of fun - love the photos of the little ones - always.


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Congratulations to Ashley....... looks like you gave her a wonderful party! I love family affairs. (most of the time)

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Annie - Looks like a great gathering and I'm sure the food was excellent.

We've been to a few graduation parties in the last few years and everyone around here has the same tradition with the embarassing childhood photos!

I hope you get to catch a breather!


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Looks like a great time was had by all-- Bud & Makaylaare growing so fast . Congrads again to Ashley-- nice touch the sister dresses.

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