Review of the new Lifeware cookware.. amazing

nolanfelixDecember 30, 2005

Check out for all the technical info. I'm not here to talk about all the health benefits of Lifeware, just the way the food cooks and tastes. I recently purchased a 6 piece set directly from the website and used it for the first time today 12/30/05. I used the large pan to cook chicken breasts and they were absolutely, without question, the best chicken breasts that I've ever cooked/eaten. There was little if any shrinkage of the chicken and without being marinated, they were they juiciest chicken breasts I've ever eaten. I've tried, through local tastings, bacon, zuccinni, carrots and french fries cooked with the enhanced cookware. I wouldn't believe it would be such a drastic difference, if I hadn't seen and tasted it myself. Do yourself a favor and check out the above website. This cookware is going to make everything currently on the market obsolete. It is the best looking, most durable looking cookware I've ever seen.

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nolanfelix - I'm glad you like this cookware and that it works well for you. Reading through the info on their web site, I have to say, it sounds like new age "snake oil" to me. All the modern "buzz words" are in there. I don't see cookware providing (or even protecting) antioxidents. Cooking methods affect them differently but not IMO the cookware itself. When I read stuff like this it makes me question anything else they might claim. I'm not saying this is bad cookware. It may be wonderful. And as I say, I'm happy you like it. It just makes me shake my head and wonder "Why?".


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The only real way anyone, including myself, would believe that it actually works is to see it and taste it for yourself. What sounds to good to be true usually is, but this is just flat out scary the difference side by side the texture/taste of the various cooked foods. Look closely at the "About the technology" and tell me it doesn't make sense. Again, if I didn't see the difference with my own two eyes, I'd also be very weary of the claims.

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nolanfelix just registered on Dec. 30. It would be interesting to know if he works for

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Actually, I'm a construction foreman. If you don't believe it, that's fine. You'll know soon enough as you've been one of the first to know of it. The reason I've just registered is because there's been nothing new and exciting in cookware for 30+ years. This is what's to come and I thought you'd all appreciate knowing about it.

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The problem with products like this is their marketing, it makes them seem like snake oil. It may be a wonderful product, but most people won't give it a second look.

When I was a kid, there were tables set up on street corners, and fast talking men selling cheap cookware and worthless kitchen gadgets, and this looks like the same sort of stuff, especially with those ridiculous claims.

If the food looks and tastes better, great, that should be enough.

Why make health claims that can't and won't be supported. That's what makes it snake oil, and makes you seem like a sucker for a fast talking con man.

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"The reason I've just registered is because there's been nothing new and exciting in cookware for 30+ years. This is what's to come..."

With all due respect, you don't sound like a construction foreman. You sound like a marketing flak.

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Perhaps you could help out this lady (below), who's been trying to find new handles for her Lifeware cookware.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lady who needs new Lifeware handles

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Thanks for the compliment. I was the assistant editor-in-cheif of my high school newspaper and have been in construction since I was 18. 11 years later I guess I still can write a sentence or two.

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To 'KEN' and all who doubt the new LifeWare Healthy Cookware...I am the National Sales Manager for LifeWare Technologies, Inc. and am proud to tell any non-believers that LifeWare has Independant 3rd Party verification on actual cooking results. You will find the report on our website. Also, this is NO snake oil! I do understand the 'too good to be true' references and I am a VERY sceptical person and have had some bad experiences with 'snake oil' type salespeople from MLM companies. In fact, I am great at weeding out these potential scammers and trust me, I know many of them and have turned them down quickly!

If ANYONE understands the harmful affects of free-radical molecules and oxidation, they should realize that stabilizing free-radical molecules is truly beneficial. Our technology does in fact, provide stabilization of these harmful molecules prior to being ingested into our bodies. Until you've actually eaten food cooked with LifeWare Technology, don't knock it!

Here is a link that might be useful: LifeWare Technologies

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jsnyder (who also registered on December 30, 2005)

It is against the rules of the GardenWeb forums to promote, sell or market on these forums. I'd suggest you take your sales pitches elsewhere.

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Does anyone here have anything of substance to say? Ignorance is no excuse to dismiss Lifeware and what they are doing and is no cause to "suggest" I go elsewhere. Educate yourself on the technology and science of what they're doing and then tell me to go away. Open your mind, use the mass between your ears and take 5 minutes and learn something. If I can't, as a consumer, tell about my experience with this cookware on this forum, what use is this site? Thanks...

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It is sad when people are so ignorant and have to resort to bad mouthing others. I am with the LifeWare organization but I have NOT made any "sales pitch" nor did I ask ANYONE to purchase anything. There has been absolutely no attempt by nolanfelix or myself to SELL anything to anyone here! The only intent is to "educate" others by providing comments about a new and exciting technology that makes cooked food healthy to eat. What is wrong with that? DARWIN...please use your intelligence to investigate this technology before you attempt to discredit it. People need to open their minds and check things out for themselves and if they have something constructive to say, great! But if not, at least use professionalism to express what they dislike. Either way, check it out FIRST.

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" Either way, check it out FIRST."

No thank you. When those little warning bells go off in my head I try to listen (one small advantage of getting old). I am not going to spend my money on something that makes no sense to me. You can claim whatever you want but it really makes it a much harder sell. If the cookware does a wonderful job cooking, I'd focus on that. Even if you had some sort of ion generator buried in the handle to "stablize" all those nasty free radicals no one with out a high end lab would be able to validate this. People will know if their food cooks (and tastes) better. There are health benefits to low or no oil cooking and there "may" be health risks associated with non-stick, but free radical stabilization....... Next!


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Ken...first of all, Happy New Year to you! I would like to reply to your message by stating that you make an interesting point in your comment about self validation and you certainly have a right to your opinion. I very much respect opinions that are based upon facts and knowledge of the subject but you don't know about free radical damage and how electrons (not ions) play a role in the stabilization of free radical molecules. In case you are interested, unstable molecules, also known as (free radicals) steal "electrons" from neighboring molecules to try and stabilize themselves. When you eat cooked food, you are in fact ingesting these unstable, free radical molecules and a chain reaction of cell damage occurs within the body. The "electron unit" within our handles provides an almost unlimited supply of electrons during the cooking process to "stabilize" free radicals prior to entering our body as cooked food. Nobody is asking you to spend your money on healthy cookware and it is ok if you don't Ken. However, if anyone were to purchase a high quality set of full 5-ply stainless steel cookware, they would find that the price would be between $650-$1,800. This can be verified by checking a local mall or cookware catalog. Also, if you simply forget about our technology and compare apples to apples, you will find that our product will be lower in price and as a BONUS, our cookware contains LifeWare Technology that makes cooked food healthier to eat! Again, this is NOT a sales pitch nor an attempt to sell our product, only to provide facts based upon 3rd Party VERIFIED lab testing that proves that cooking food with LifeWare retains more of the valuable vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes than food cooked with conventional cookware. I would gladly discuss this with you further if you wish? If you're up for the challange, just give us a call, my direct extension is 243 and I welcome any spirited and professional conversations.

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I'm a little surprised at all the flames on this thread but I do have a few questions and comments. I went to the LifeWare website and browsed around. I couldn't find any information about the warranty or what other materials are used in the construction other than stainless steel. What is the warranty and what other metals are used in the construction? I read the 3rd party test results but couln't find who did the testing; who is the tester?

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That's what bothers me also. Anyone can put a battery and a flashing light in the handle of their cookware, but what absolute proof does it show? It looks like very nice stainless steel cookware. But that's about all. I wouldn't trust to make a frittata in the oven for fear the battery would explode.

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