I won't call this Chicken Dinner.....yet

annie1992June 22, 2006

I just had to show you my newest "girls". These babies will grow up to be my laying hens. Believe it or not, there were 16 of the little peepers in this box, and they get shipped via U.S. Mail. I picked them up at the Post Office a couple of weeks ago:

Since they are Rhode Island Red chickens, and because we love san (who is NOT from Rhode Island but she's close), Ashley chose her favorite chicken and named it...Sandi. Sandi likes to take naps on Ashley's stomach:

Makayla couldn't get left out, of course, she had to let Sandi help with the cookie baking on Friday. Yup, a live chicken in the kitchen. Sigh.

It's hard to believe these little fuzzy peepers are going to grow up and be big fat red hens in just a couple of months, isn't it?


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Aaaaahhhh! They're so sweet! Ohmigosh...Makayla is growing!!

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Oh my gosh - they get sent by mail ?????

How adorable - I can't imagine how thrilling it must be for a little girl like Makayla to have a box full of baby chicks!

She's so lucky to have all natural things to play with, a vegetable garden, horse, cows, chicks and of course Wonder Wiener and Umm ma.


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Cute girls, all of them, especially the dark haired one. The way that Makayla is gently holding the chick is so sweet.


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I love that of Makayla, she is just so darned cute!

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

I love the girls, they're so cute! I think my mailman would freak out if he had to deliver live chicks, LOL!

Love the pic of Makayla and the chick!

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Annie, I love your pics. Makayla sure is growing...she's going to be a beauty. Glad I got to see the little peeps you told me about. Cute!

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My gosh at first I thought it was a box of hamsters -- they almost look like they have golden fur! Very pretty.

Makayla is cuter than all the chicks put together.

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Makayla is soooooo cute. I love the little chicks too, I'm sure I won't be eating chicken this week.

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Yes, the chicks get sent by mail. Two days without food and water, I don't know why no one complains, I hate it. Still, all 16 arrived intact and healthy. The mailperson doesn't deliver them though, they get shipped COD, I had to pick them up at the post office myself.

Dedtired, hamsters? LOL They are fuzzy, though, just starting to get some feathers now.

Makayla was hot and sweaty, my kitchen was hot and she was wearing that smear of chocolate from eating the chocolate chips. Still, she's a beautiful little monkey, and very gentle with the "chickies".

Sharon, Makayla has lots of "modern" toys, one of those battery powered quadrunners, a bicycle, a dollhouse that "talks". Still, she prefers the chickens, the horse, the WonderWeiner. She's a farm girl, through and through. Amanda says Makayla loves me because I'm just another 3 year old, and her favorite plaything. That's not so bad, I guess. LOL


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OOOH how cute. Glad they are layers and not destined for the Pot.


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I grew up on an egg ranch. Our chickens were never as cute as these!

(If anyone wants to say I grew up on a 'Chicken Ranch', please feel free to have fun at my expense, LOL)

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All so cute...Makayla and the chicks!

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You gotta love that face!!!

Can't believe they ship them by mail, whodathunk ! Are these girls just layers, or are they destined for the soup pot some day. OK never mind.........

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I grew up on a farm, and we had chickens also - just for the eggs. It was scary sometimes collecting eggs because I would frequently find cottonmouth snakes in the barn, and they are very dangerous. I liked the chickens when I was very young and used to chase them around to pet them. Of course they didn't like being caught, but I would chase them until they got tired and gave up. I didn't name them because they were all white, and I couldn't tell them apart.

After we no longer had chickens, a couple of wild (or loose) peacocks (one peacock and one peahen) decided to move into the empty chicken coop. The peacock moved in first and was a bit neurotic because he wasn't getting enough attention, and so he would strut for anything with a pair of eyes, including my agoraphobic cat, whom he terrorized whenever I took him outside. The cat was named Tina, but that was before I found out he was a male. He was married to my other cat Eichendorff, whom I called "Ike" for short, although I had to have the marriage annulled.


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LOL, Lars, I remember the saga of Ike and Tina!

Yes, Chase, these are strictly layers, none for the pot out of this bunch. The young roosters are already strutting their stuff at Dad's, they don't realize they're gonna be pot pie in the fall. LOL

If we were going to eat these, I'd never let the girls make pets of them, that's just too difficult. They are strictly egg layers for the next several years. I'm kind of wondering if Sandi is still going to sleep on Ashley's stomach after she gets bigger, a Rhode Island Red can weigh 5 or 6 pounds at least.

Lars, those white chickens DO look just alike. Fortunately, my girls will have some very small differences, enough that I'll still be able to tell them apart although I doubt that the kids will.


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I just want some eggs....I'll give them time to grow a little more though.... hehe


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OK, so no one is going to remark about naming A CHICKEN after san? LOL


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I think it is lovely to name a chickie after our dear san! I'd be honored to have one named teresa - so why not woodie, ann, sol, lars, lakeguy (you've already got a david), wizard, chase, jessyf, etc. etc. You get the picture!

Isn't it amazing that they still ship baby chicks by mail just like they've done probably since mail service began? I think that is so cool! I still want a little chicken house and some chickens for fresh eggs.


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LOL, Teresa, the only problem with those names is that I'd have to eat Lars and Lakeguy in the fall. (grin) Also PKguy and Scott.

It does amaze me that they haven't found a better way to ship baby chicks but it works, clearly. Mine are all still intact and weren't harmed at all so I guess it must be OK.


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Sooo cute, Annie.

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(Teresa, hee hee, I'm actually thinking of asking Michael to think about naming one of those kittens 'EJ'....)

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Jessy and EJ might just work.

My Grandmother had a pet chicken that she still crys about. When she was little the bird would come in the house and lay an egg in the cupboard. Must have been a real farm house. One day while she was at school her dad sold the bird not knowing it had become a pet.

Only a little monkey could out cute a baby chick.

: )

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