Electrolux double wall oven died after cleaning

boogie2November 17, 2011

A little costly but loved the oven for the first 12 months... unfortunately in month 13 and after using the auto clean feature for the third time the upper oven stopped working. Display panel lights up and says the oven is preheating to 100 degrees, the convection fan engages but no heating activity. The lower oven works fine. Called the dealer, Zemel's Appliance in Danbury, CT and they were of no help. Actually recommended not using the cleaning feature before a big event (one week before Thanksgiving)... seriously , they said that. Surfing the web, I've found that this problem is well-known and that there is a reset button behind the oven (this is wall mounted so I'll need a contractor or repair man to pull it out) that can potentially solve the problem, if not I will need to replace the control board. At ~$3,000 for this double oven, I expect it to work perfectly for years... dieing after 13 months is completely unacceptable. Can anyone else share their experience and any helpful ideas?

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It is more than likely that reset button. As I recall (and it's been a while) I was able to help another owner of an Elux (may have been a range), but had the same reset button.
They were able to locate the button and reset it, and all was fine.

Most double ovens "share" the same "Main board", so it is unlikely the main board is bad.

Really sorry to hear about your problem, I only mention this
as I have before, (as I know it's too late for you)---but another reason to stay away from double ovens, it is a lot easier to pull out a single oven from the wall than a double oven, add to that the fact that all (even Wolf) double ovens are far more likely to fail than their single ovens.

Good luck with yours!!!


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Thanks Dodge. Wondering what causes the problem... is it the excessive heat build up in the wall enclosure during the cleaning process? If so can I vent it in some way at the top of the cabinet case or is that insufficient for venting or create any type of fire hazard? Short of watching the repair man do it so I'll know the proceedure next time, I'd like to future-proof this as much as possible.

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Some recommend running a fan to force more air through the vents during self clean; if you can do that, it should keep the internal temperatures below whatever they would otherwise be (with just natural ventilation).

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That may be part of it, but with double ovens you have a lot more metal to hold the heat than a single, so I think that is one of the reasons they are more prone to problems , especially self cleaning.

If you can do something as chac mool suggests that should help too. Too bad there isn't an easy way to get at that reset switch without pulling the ovens???

I recall, maybe it was a Dacor oven, that tripped an over temp switch, and it was assessible from inside the oven by removing a plate, as I recall.

Looking at the age of your oven, it's very possible that is a 2009 model, and some of them did have problems, as I discovered when I was searching for double ovens for Rhome,
we didn't see many problems here on GW, but I did find some problems on the AJMadison site and relayed that info to Rhome. Sorry don't know how big the problem was, and folks say Elux jumped in quickly to address the problems---perhaps a call to them, especially since you are just barely outta warranty, might help, (I hope it does)!

Anyway, Anybody that Sees this post
HOLD OFF SELF CLEANING YOUR OVENS!!!!!!, until AFTER Thanksgiving!!!


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I have a Dacor range and I tripped the over temp by having the door open too long while broiling. Apparently not supposed to have the door open at all while broiling ... ooops. I had to call a tech in to reset it. My neighbor a few doors down works for Dacor so had someone come in and reset it for me. He did not have to pull it out - like @dodge59 says, did something inside.

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Self-clean cycles can take the interior temperature to over 900F. But resistance heating elements in just about every appliance need to have some form of thermal overheat protection installed to guard against fire should the thermostat fail to open in normal operation.

The problem is that the temperature the ovens are taken to during self-clean is close enough to the threshold of the thermal overheat protection device that they are triggered. They have to be positioned close enough to the heater element to "pop" before a runaway condition (stuck triac, thermostat, etc.) causes a fire. But a lot (read:ALL) of the electrical/electronic components going into modern appliances are imported and sometimes the cheaper examples are not capable of performing within the strictest tolerances. So the heating envelope may inadvertently overlap with the thermal cutout device during self-cleaning cycles.

The good news is that more than likely all that will have to be done to "fix" the problem is pull a cover off the back, reach in, and push a little red reset button. BUT, what I would do, when placing the service call, is tell the servicer to bring a new thermal overheat device with him or her. If the thing popped once, it will do it again. Why invite the problem back the next time you do a self-clean cycle?

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Don't use self clean on an oven with electronic circuitry.
If you absolutely refuse to do what you are told there is no law that says you must do the entire cycle in one go. Try half the time on one day and the last half on the next.

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If the reset button is difficult to reach, what about turning the breaker off and back on?

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It's not a "CPU" type of reset button, and actually it's not a reset button at all, jasperdog. It is a resettable thermal cutoff device, It would be nice if it worked aa you described.

All the oven makers should make the resettable thermal protection device accessible like Dacor does, I gotta give
Dacor a "Thumbs up" on that one!

It could be worse, in the KA's you have to actually replace a thermal fuse, which for many folks is NOT a DIY!

Mojavean offers good advice, it is entirely possible that the thermal protection device "tripped" at a lower temp than most of them would (Production tolerances), and as long as the ovens are out of the cabinets (a Pita, I know), but might be a good idea to replace that device.


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Thanks for the info about double ovens. Makes my decision easier to get a single now.

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I have just had the same problem occur on my new Electrolux Icon Pro ovens. Since these ovens were installed in late July 2011 I have had problem after problem after problem. Here is what has gone wrong with these beautiful double ovens:
1) September 2011- the upper oven door frame started to separate and come apart-- a new door frame was ordered and installed-- 2 vists to complete repair
2) Novmber-December 2011- upper oven did not seem to be accurately calibrated and was running either too cold or too hot. This caused my cooking time to be off for both Tannksgiving and Xmas parties. January 2012 and new circuit board was installed after the technician verified that the ovens were fluctuating at times as much as 85 degrees above and below the set temperature. After the install the technician did not check the temperature of the ovens-- he said that his equipment was not working to check the temperature.
3) Problems 3 and 4- This week the botton oven has stopped heating completely following running it through its first self cleaning cycle (that did work). But now that my oven is clean it will not heat and cant be used-- identical problem that is listed above. In addition to no heat the door is now coming apart on the bottom oven identical problem to what happened in September with the door on the upper oven. Expecting a technician this weekend for my 5th service call to "look at these problems" on my brand new ovens.

Other issues are also the glide out racks continuously roll in and don't stay out. When I asked the first technician about this he said that they will stay out when a pan is on them with weight--not so. The non-glide out standard racks (one in each oven) tend to stick unless you pull those out perfectly straight. When I complained to the technician about this problem in September he said "yes they tend to do that and Electrolux is aware, there is no fix, just don't use those racks". BTW these ovens were installed into a brand new custom built kitchen and we have checked and rechecked; everything is plum level in the cabnet box the oven was installed in.This was 100% custom built kitcen not a assemble prefab kitchen boxes kitchen.

I have contacted Electrolux and they are waiting to hear from the technician who comes out for our 5th service call this weekend. I never even got into the issue with the racks and figured that was just something I was going to have to live with.

I also had a problem on my Electrolux Icon Pro slide in cook top that had a cast iron grate crack the first time I used the cooktop. I was told that was not a warenty item and had to purchase a replacement grate.

My experience is soooo different than what I had researched on these appliances

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This is a follow-up to all the problems with my Electrolux ICON Pro double ovens-(E30EW85GPS5).
Yesterday Electrolux approved us for replacement of our ovens and the new ones should be here and installed in about 2 weeks. Based on all the research I have done I truly do believe my problems were unique and that my units were lemons and that over all the Electrolux Icon Pro is a good oven�time will tell once the new ones are here and I can start using them. Furthermore, Lowe's (where I purchased the ovens from) said once the new ovens are here to call their extended warranty department and they can assign a new end date to my extended protection plan based on the install date of the new replacement ovens.
So a few lessons learned from this experience:

Deal directly with the appliance manufacturer on new appliances not the store's warrant service. Even if they say as a consumer convenience they will handle both the manufacturers and extended warrant issue.
Keep great records of everything and if you can photo copy the service mans paperwork for the repair order.
Conference call all involved parties together so you can all hear the same thing at the same time. There were some huge communication disconnects between the repair companies, Lowe's and Electrolux regarding paperwork and repair /problem and diagnostic history.

If the first resolution offered is not acceptable say so and stand firm. Initially Electrolux offered me a 3 month manufacturers warrant extension and not replacement of my defective ovens. I said no that was useless, especially since I purchased the extended protection plan.

Do not consider buying these ovens without also getting an extended service plan, but I would say that on any oven today.

In shopping for the appliances in our new kitchen we found that most of the high end appliances (Wolf, Viking, Dacor, Electrolux Icon...) were all priced the same store to store with prices set by the manufactures. We found the saving to occur in combined cost of delivery, installation and especially the cost of the extended service plans. In this we found Sears/ Home Goods to have the most expensive extended service plans on appliances and for Lowe's to have some of the least expensive service plan, especially since they have a reduced price for multiple appliance bundles on the service agreement.

With regards to the cracked cooktop grate (cracked after first time using high heat) on my Electrolux Icon Pro slide in cook top; Electrolux is sending me part of the replacement cost of the grate-- $75 of the $155 I paid for the new grate. They said I never contacted them when it broke, correct I contacted Lowe's since that is what the store said to do for all needs on my new appliances.

To be continued once the replacement ovens are installed...

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One additional thing
Not only was this forum valuable in researching my new appliances it has also proven to be valuable in seeking a resolution and correction to the problems with my ovens. Thank you to everyone that responded with suggestions of what to do. Additionally as it turns out Electrolux monitors this forum and once I posted the information on all the problems we were having with our ovens, someone contacted me - that is where the initial offer of a 3 month warrant extension came from. Of course I had already gotten things rolling regarding the replacement unit being considered when this offer was made, so like most big companies they too have some communication disconnects.

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I had the same thing happen to my Fridgidaire Professional wall oven. We used the self clean and then it died and wouldn't heat up. We were still under warranty luckily and the repair guy just had to hit the reset button. He said that self-clean cycles are way too hot next to all of that electrical equipment and should never be used!

To OP: I'm glad that they have stepped up to help.

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Ongoing problems with ELux Icon Pro 30 inch double oven. After multiple serious failurs and problems Elux agreed to replace my ovens. This past weekend the new replacement unit arrived but it has many obvious defects in assembly- damaged side sheet metal, loose door asembly, heat seal not fully installed and not proberly made, doors on oven wrong...so it went back on the truck and was not installed. A new replacement until has been ordered but my confidence is gone at this point and there is clearly a lack of quality assurance in the assembly of this oven--- really the doors were put on wrong with the emblem on the wrong door-- kind of an obvious error.

Unfortunately I'm stuck with ELux and have their pro slide in cook top and we want things to match. I have asked ELux to provide a 2 year warranty on the replacement ovens and truly hope I won't need to ever use it but....if you read the posting about these ovens over the past 12 months there are some clear defects in this product.

Very sad and very expensive purchase mistake I feel.

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Matching is way overrated. There's no reason wall ovens have to be the same brand as a cooktop. See if you can get them to buy back your ovens and buy another brand - I'm sure you can find ovens that will look good with your cooktop.

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OK- This sucks. I planned on buying the Electrolux Icon Double ovens after reading positive things here! help!

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I should have posted this long ago but finally getting around to the resolution. It wound up being the reset button at a cost of ~$300 to fix (labor cost included two guys in order to pull the ovens out of the wall). Repair man called Elux who told him to insert one washer between the screw sensor and where it screws in, then press the reset button. Works fine now and I've cleaned both ovens since. Elux does monitor these boards and contacted me about the problem. Unfortunately at 13 months into the ovens, I was out of warranty and all they would offer me was $100. Fairly dissappointed... thought they should have paid the entire bill with non-stop apologies but that was not the case. I am happy with all other aspects and other this issue, I've had no other problems. After this experience, not sure I would buy them again but for anyone that does, make sure you run the cleaning cycle several times w/in the first 12 months, AND NOT BEFORE A MAJOR HOLIDAY!

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boogie2, I'm glad your problem is finally fixed. It must be frustrating that the first response to your post was dodge59 saying it was the reset button.

We have the double Elux Icon ovens and they have been great. We would never run the self-clean cycle -- it's easy to clean them manually.


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Glad to hear issue resolved....hope Electrolux redesigns the reset switch so that it can be accessible without going thru pulling out the ovens to do so and at great expense and aggravation. IMHO what good is it to have self cleaning ovens if you can't use the feature with confidence?

These ovens were my initial choice and I paused once I read this saga...and went in another direction.

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Aside from self clean = die, with regards to mod E30EW85GPS, what are the (1) primary difference between model A and model B (2) should I specify model before ordering (3) with min temp readout 100F, what is actual bread proof temp if less than 100F as optimum temp is 80-90F
Thanks for any input - Bill

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How do you guys clean your ovens if you don't use the self clean? Doesn't it ruin the finish?

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I was thinking of E. ovens as well but will not get them now if I can't be sure the self-clean will work reliably. They'd better make a fix soon!

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How do you guys clean your ovens if you don't use the self clean? Doesn't it ruin the finish?Oven cleaner chemicals typically do not ruin the interior finish of a self-cleaning oven (there may be exceptions for some brands/models per manufacturer instructions), which is standard porcelain same as a manual-clean unit. However, the recommendation is to not use chemicals (other than soap/water) because residue left behind can cause noxious fumes if the high-heat self-cleaning cycle is run again later.

Cleaning chemicals DO ruin the finish of continuous-clean ovens ... which is a special porous/treated material to absorb and break-down grease & food soils at normal baking temperatures. However, far as I'm aware, continuous-clean ovens went out of popularity and were dropped from the market some while ago.

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Just learned that self-clean = self destruct.

We have an E'lux dual fuel range w/double oven. After the big xmas holiday dinner, my wife utilized the self clean (no idea that it was taboo) and now the upper oven does not heat up.

Sounds like it is the safety switch or whatever that was tripped. Since it's a range, can I pull it out and reset it myself?

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Get the model # of the range.
Then google that number with repair manual.
Once you find the repair manual, it should show
you the location of the thermal switch.

BUT DO NOT!!!!!! do any work, whatsover, even reaching behind it until you have turned off the circuit breaker for the range, and double checking you got the right circuit breaker (IE whole range should be "dead", no lights etc etc, More than likely there are 2 circuit breakers for the range.

If you can't find the manual or schematic or service manual, post the model number and I will see if I can find it.

Most of my appliances came with schematics so you may want to check that too.


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If you are within the warranty period then call Elux immediately. If not, call Elux, lodge a complaint and see what they say... you never know till you ask. Then call a local repair man, the double wall ovens are heavy and require two men and a rack or suitable stand to hold the ovens after they come out of the wall.

The notion that the self cleaning feature should never be used is idiotic, once the design flaw is fixed with a heat sheild (read: washer) it works fine.

I can't overstate the value of voicing your opinion on message boards such as this one... you've purchased a very high-end appliance and have every right to expect that it work perfectly for a long time. Companies like Elux have data mining people that scour social media to protect their brand image.

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I'm popping this back up to the top to ask if people are still having trouble with Elux ovens after self-cleaning.

Also, looking at the manual for the Wave-Touch, I see that it has 3 cleaning modes: light, medium and heavy. I don't know if there's a temperature difference among the modes. There's definitely a time difference, with the light taking 2 hours and the heavy taking 4 hours. Do you think that running it on light would be less likely to trip the thermal switch, even if the temperature is the same?

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The last post I recall seeing, on the cleaning problem was by a poster who had theirs fixed. The fix was simple, a washer was added in the area of the thermal switch, as I recall, and the last we heard, that poster had not had any more problems.

That fix was initiated into their newer models, or so claimed a post that was on GW.

I never use the self clean on mine, My goal is to keep my electric bill around $50/month, (It was $57, last month).
Ours just does not get dirty enough to self clean it, and on our older model Icon, the bottom lifts out for easy cleaning.

But to answer your question, the shorter cleaning time, the easier it is on the oven, use the one with the least time that cleans the oven to your satisfaction.


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We had a service visit from an Elux repairman because I wanted to know if our oven was heating evenly (it is). As he was there, he gave us a tour of the oven, its features, and what to be careful of. He advised us not to use the self-clean because of the limited ventilation for the electronics at the back of the oven. He also told us not to use corrosive oven cleaners. So it's just elbow grease and Barkeeper's Friend. DH who had been doing the cleaning, was moving the top element to get at the ceiling of the oven. It can be rotated slightly to get better access to the ceiling surface. The serviceman told him not to do that, it could damage the connections.

A little OT, but the reason for the apparent unevenness of the oven heating was because I wasn't allowing it to pre-heat sufficiently. When the oven reaches the set temperature and beeps, the power oscillates for several minutes. During that time, the heat in different parts of the oven can be higher or lower than the set temperature. The oscillations decrease over about 10 minutes, then stabilize. At that point, the temperatures throughout the oven should be at the set temperature. He demonstrated this by placing thermometers at different locations in the oven.


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Thanks for this post. I found it very informative.

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I self-cleaned my electrolux double oven, (without knowing that it might cause any problems) and the next time i tried to use the oven, it wouldn't heat up. I called electrolux, but they didn't want to help at first, they said i need to call down a service company.
so i googled to check if anyone else had this problem, and got to read this thread. I then called them again and was really complaining that this is a known problem (i said i could fwd them this link) with the thermal cut-off switch, and with such a high-end appliance, they should at least offer to fix it free of charge. after asking to talk to a supervisor they gave me an authorization code to cover the labor and parts.
I figured i should post this here, so if anyone else has this problem, call in and complain until they give it to you. i dont think it is fair to pay a few hundred buck on something that is a design flaw.
thanks to everyone who posted, without this great site, i would be kind of lost in this situation.

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How old is your oven?

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It is not a design flaw.
Everyone might want to think about that.

There is no law that says "You must always run the self clean for the entire program cycle or until it busts the oven, whichever comes first".

Best advice: don't.

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I've run the self clean a few times in the almost two years since I've had the Elux double wall oven, and no problems yet, knock on wood. I use the 2 hour cycle. I also got a comprehensive extended warranty from the appliance store, so I'm covered if it does blow.

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Thanks for all of the info on the Icon wall oven.

We turned on the self clean feature on Christmas Eve... And the lower oven blew out.

My bill was $300 with a 4 week wait for service.

Thanks PGold. I am going to try and get Electrolux to foot the bill.

I had done plenty of research before buying this oven and could not see any negatives out there.

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This can happen on any oven. No manufacturer is immune to it. If you don't want your oven to fail, don't run self clean. It's that simple. If the control still responds to button presses, but the oven won't heat up, or if you have a double oven and one oven will heat up but not the other, a safety has probably tripped. If the whole display is dead, the board may have failed, but it could also be a safety. You can find the tech sheet inside which will give you a clue to what has tripped. Some will require the safety to be replaced, others it's a matter of of pressing a button. Dead ovens after self clean are easy to resolve yourself if you're not in warranty. No need to spend tons of money on a service call.

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>> If you don't want your oven to fail, don't run self clean.

I have a better idea. How about manufacturers make products that don't habitually fail during ordinary, according to instructions, use? I just bought an Electrolux oven and I have no doubt that the cost of providing the self-cleaning mechanism as well as the expected convenience from having such a function were factors in the price.

Suggesting the problem is with users using the oven the way it was intended to be used puts the responsibility in the wrong place.

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I agree with you marcia59, but I'm just stating the situation as it stands. On ovens today, you run a high risk of tripping a limit or frying a board by running self clean. You are heating the oven to over 900 degrees, sometimes close to 1000, for hours. If anything is going to go wrong, it will happen then. Manufacturers could do more, but they don't, and complaining won't change that. Ignoring this fact because it "shouldn't" be the case will just lead to you having more oven problems than someone who doesn't run self clean.

One way to send a message is by running the clean cycle as much as possible during the warranty. If enough people did that, manufacturers might start to rethink their designs. As long as you don't mind having periods when you're without an oven while waiting for repair, it's an option.

All the appliance repair people I know agree with me. This is because every year right around Thanksgiving, their days are filled fixing self clean problems. Oven is locked and won't open, heating elements won't turn on, keypad won't respond, etc.

This post was edited by hvtech42 on Tue, Feb 18, 14 at 14:33

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