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KitchenGodsWifeDecember 12, 2004

I'm looking for an oval covered roaster and was hoping someone would have some suggestions. I want to be able to make my mother-in-law's brisket recipe which involves searing the meat at high heat and then oven braising. She uses an ancient oval roaster with a domed lid. I'm assuming it's aluminum but I'm not sure (though it is very heavy and fairly large). I'm having a tough time finding one of these that doesn't have a nonstick coating. I didn't think nonstick coatings were supposed to get as hot as it would need to be to get a good sear on the meat. My MIL's old pan sure doesn't have one.

Anyway any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


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I don't have practical experience to share, but am also interested in what people suggest.

I was thinking a covered roaster would be nice for some "stewey" type dishes especially for large amounts, and that the ones with flat lids would offer more versatility as both pieces can be used in various ways.

Here's a few of them (admittedly much pricier than the speckled enamel type.... don't know if they'd suit your use):

Paderno/Chaudiere Roasters (flat lids can double as pans) - 2 sizes (3 sizes in Canada but largest n/a currently; go to Paderno home page & choose US for items available to US & prices in USD):
(Note â PadernoÂfs Christmas sale prices til Monday Dec 13)

Krona 8 qt Multi Roaster (flat lid doubles as pan):

Multipurpose SS (?brand) oval roasting pan 16Âhx8Âh; 3 piece set: 12 quart/11.5 litre capacity roasting pan, 5 quart/4.8 litre capacity lid/sautÂEpan/serving platter, and roasting rack â limited availability: http://www.goldaskitchen.com/merchant.ihtml?pid=7494&step=4

I do know a couple of people who really like Paderno cookware, & one specifically likes the larger flat lidded multi version with the handles offset a bit (not the more huge domed one).

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IIRC, Le Creuset has oval pots which would serve as roasters. I have one LC pot called a doufeu, which has the "usual" enamel coating and a special top. The inside of the top has small dimples built onto the surface. The outside of the top has a large depression into which you put ice cubes or cold water.

The idea is that the steam rising up from the food/braising liquid collects on the lid, but, because the lid is so much cooler than the inside of the pot (courtesy of the ice cubes/cold water), the steam collects on the dimples and then drips back onto the food. Of course, it would work fine as a roaster if you put a rack into it. And, of course, like all LC, it is expensive. But I'll never have to buy another one!

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Large enameled roasters are about $US 12 to 20. You could sear it in as different pan and transfer it.

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I have the Le Creuset oval roaster and it is terrific. There is nothing like enameled cast iron for performance and for presentation. It goes from cooktop (searing) to oven (slow cooking) to table (serving). Once on the table, the food will stay hot for nearly an hour.

The lid is not domed, so that may be an issue, depending on how large the meat is that you put in it. I mostly use mine for stews.


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The LeCreuset is at Costco right now. It's around $60 in red.
I didn't pay close attention, but it was there yesterday.

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Taboni, I thought Magnalite had gone to that great kitchen in the sky. Is it available again?...Jackie

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Magnalite is still available... try Ebay for some really great buys! I have one for over thirty years and I still love it. I also have a LeCreuset 8qt oval, it's also great.

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Just came across this thread, hope y'all don't mind me bringing it back up.

I'd seen the stainless 'Wolfgang Puck' flat lid roasters at Sam's some time ago; this past fall I finally decided to give one a try. I've used it quite a bit already, mostly for slow roasting meat, it does a wonderful job. It's heavy and high temps shouldn't be the least worry. It polishes up like new every time, I consider it a lifetime purchase. Not bad for $40.

Only one caveat: the edge of the lid is a little sharp, about like a dull table knife. I managed to let it slide through wet fingers, OUCH. A little careful buffing in the shop fixed it.

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Try looking on e-bay for an older club aluminum roaster without the non-stick surface. I bought one awhile back very reasonably. It's heavy and cooks great. I still have a set from the 60's and use the dutch oven all the time.

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