Vintage colander doubles as corn popper

jallyDecember 26, 2012

I have a vintage aluminum colander (something like the below, albeit with 3 legs).*&lang=en-US

I used it to make stovetop popcorn, by upending it over a 12" frying pan.

I used some oil, some low-fat salted margarine, pinch-salt, tsp.Xylitol, and 4 TB pop-kernels.

These ingredients were on the frypan, over which was the colander. The colander legs became handy as handles.

I turned the gas up high on stovetop. At times, I shifted the pan around on the flame to facilitate process.

It was a bit messy, since some oil splattered thru the holes, but the resulting popcorn (in the pan) was very good, like kettle corn, but healthier tasting.

Here is a link that might be useful: colander

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Much better than Jiffy Pop!? DH set off the fire alarm with Jiffy Pop the 2nd night he was living in my apartment after our honeymoon. Landlord was away, her mother was staying with her and didn't have the secret word for the alarm company - it was a mess. Needless to say he was banned from cooking popcorn on the stove but this I would try!

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Heh, heh, heh, what as hilarious conversational piece to reminisce to your friends about! Well, maybe skimp on the xylitol (or sugar, whatever) since the heavy/stickiness of the sweetener appears to weigh it down, so it doesn't pop so efficiently. Also less oil may prove less messy, even if less yummy.

I tried it in microwave (brown paper bag) and the xylitol caused a black hole to burn thru.

But without the xylitol, and with less oil, that didn't happen.

Would white kernels pop better than yellow ones, inside either microwave or stovetop?

I've viewed several Youtube video's, but none for brown-bagging kettle corn in microwave.

I'd actually like an easily washable bowl with cover best. Why? Because oil leaks thru brown bags, which can stain clothing if it rests on your lap. Is there any such bowl & cover conveniently purchasable - such as my local Walmart?

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