wep to wpa2

katlanDecember 15, 2013

I was reading the post by early asking if wifi was safe. Zep, Mike and others mentioned that WPA2 is more secure than WEP.

Can I change from WEP to WPA2 myself? Using the same router I have now?

Just curious, and I didn't want to hijack early's thread.


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What's the make & model # of router?

You can usually Google the make with the word set up in the search and find directions on your router.

Post the make and model #

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Westell model # D90-327W15-06

at the bottom it says ADSL2+ VersaLink

Ha, made in China 9/07. (what a surprise)

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The wifi security method is changed by logging on to the router and changing settings. If you understand this concept, have done it before, and have a user manual for your router, it can be done in 30 seconds. IF you know the username and password for the router log on.

Otherwise, I suggest your choices are to 1)call your DSL carrier so that their tech support can walk you through the process, or 2) buy your own combo DSL modem/router.

From what I found from a Google search, what you have is a pretty old model, easily bested by something new. As has been said, a wifi signal using WEP is really wide open so it is worth changing.

Good luck.,

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Thanks for your honest opinion snidely. I think I'll check out getting an updated one from my internet provider or buying my own.

Any suggest on which one to buy if I have to go that route?

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Was the equipment provided for free to you, or are you paying monthly rent? If the latter, I'd definitely buy one and stop the rental charge (if you expect to continue using the same service provider).

How large is your home, how strong a signal is needed? If on the smaller side, you can probably make do with something less expensive.

My experience has been that manufacturing quality for devices like this (all brands) can be poor. If so, a failure will occur early on. If you decide to buy a new one, I suggest you use a seller (like Amazon, for instance or a local store) that has a reasonable exchange policy

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Westell model # D90-327W15-06
That's number tells its a Verizon configured modem/router...

Verizon gives you the first modem/router but sells you replacements if it dies after the 1yr warrantee. If you replace it with something other than their supplies modem/routers.. their support knows nothing if you have a dsl problem some day in the future.

I think its best to get a replacement from Verizon, just in case you have a bad wire or something someday - they'll be able to do the online trouble shooting before making a possible costly truck roll to your home to tell you whats wrong isnt their problem. Got me a free drop wire that was old and cracked, bad when rainy & offer to put it underground, for free.

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It is Verizon. We have had this one for, hmmmm, at least 4 or 5 years. We have a small house, one story rancher. Router is in the back bedroom on one side of the house, laptop is on the other end.

I think you're all right, best to go with Verizon to get the update if and when needed.

Thanks everybody.

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You might ask Verizon if they would give you a new router for free. You've been a valuable customer for 5 years now.

If that doesn't work you might suggest to them that there are other Internet providers, like cable companies, that are supplying free modems to new customers.

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Think I'd talk to support and let them walk me through settings for wpa2 or wpa if no wpa2. Assuming its working fine.

They will sell new modem/wifi-router if you want at a nice discount price, delivered fast usually... they aren't getting rich of selling replacements.... not sure how xmas and weather right now might affect delivery - I had lightning damaged modem/router replaced .. fedexed next day for under 50 dollars I think.

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