Adding Text with Photoshop..

homesforsaleJune 14, 2006

I hope this will help some of you..with so many great tutorials out there..This one may be all wrong but it works for me..

Sorry it took a while to get it to you..I am partially off work today and we are babysitting DGS..he has fallen asleep and I am staying close by so this is the perfect op!

First Open your Photoshop program and a foto:


Click on the T in the vertical bar at the side..

I often pick Scriptina..As the font..which is shown at the top..After you click on the T...Place your cursor where you want the text and type..(Also note that there are 2 layers at the right..this comes in so handy once you get it)

Once your text is there..Go to Layers at the top a drop down menu will on Flatten ..

Now you will see that there is only one layer on the right.. called backround now..That allows to go and Save:)You do that where File is..again a drop down menu..

That's it!! You can pick colors..move the text..resize.. drop shadow etc..

Did this help?

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I'll add one thing - Once you flatten the image, the text is now part of the picture. You'll need to pick your color, resize or move before you do the flatten step.

If you are saving in a .tif format you can leave the layers intact, but this will add to the file size. I usually save two documents one a .psd file with my unflattened layers and one in whatever format I need at the moment. The .psd format allows me to go back and manipulate the layers as needed.

moniqueb - love the font. That's very pretty, as is the flowers. :)

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Thank you Rudd! Oy I thought my tut explained that,many thanks.
I save 3 ways.. Hardly ever in Tiff since it is SOOO close to HIGH.
In printing made no diff in my photos.

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Thanks Monique and Doris. I was going to ask that, with my very limited experience with Photoshop, I wasn't sure if you needed to save the layers before you flatten.

I really appreciate this and aside from that one question I had this seems very clear. I'm going to try what Sharon posted first and then I'll try with Photoshop. So be forewarned! I'll probably be back with questions.


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I'm thrilled! I understood that! LOL!


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Teresa! I am very happy for you..

Now you can have even more fun:)

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