Your opinions here please on your Le Creusent?

schnitzelDecember 1, 2005

Is there a brand that is comparable to Le Creusent? I saw a dutch oven at TJ maxx today and just one pot was $149.99 does it really cook a stew or pot roast that well for the investment? How would it compare taste wise over a crock pot?...Thank you for you help

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I have a 4qt Staub from QVC and have been very pleased with it.

Has anyone seen the new 4qt Staub with the rooster knob at QVC?

Here is a link that might be useful: Staub with rooster knob

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Alas, it is a blue rooster and not the SS one...rofl

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schnitzel - I have 2 Le Creuster French ovens (3.5 qt and 5.5 qt) They are great. Is Staub, Mario Batelli or whatever as good? Maybe, but I figured these are lifetime pots so I went with what I feel are the best. They do things I couldn't do with the stell pots I have. They cook slow but they also brown. I can cook stovetop or in the oven. I make chicken, lamb, beef, soup, stew, chili even indian corn pudding in them. I have never regretted buying them. If you have TJ Maxx or Tuesday Morning, look there.

I do have a dilema though. We are doing an extended family vacation this spring, sharing a house with 8 folks. I never cook for this many people. I WANT to get a larger (9-13 qt) Le Creuset to take with us but I doubt I would generally use this size once we get back. Day to day, it's just the two of us. Any opinions???


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