Replacing Nonstick Pans?

annie1971December 8, 2008

I've been wanting to replace much of my 30+ year old pots and pans and have realized over the years that it's best to have pans for the purpose rather than a complete set. I've noticed that at least one of us posters advocates replacing nonstick pans on a regular basis and I'm wondering why? I understand that using nonstick might be questionable to our health, but why replace them regularly?

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Only if they are ratty.
I have one or so I have had for easily 10's fine....but I know that one at my son's that regularly gets used by kids making quesadillas and flipping them with a metal spatula....and they only last3 years or so before they begin to become "non-nonstick".
I think the point is to not consider non-stick pans as a long time investment. They are like placemats....they wear out.

Linda C

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