Restaurant supply store best brands for pans

marie26December 8, 2004

I need new saute pans and found a great restaurant supply store that I want to buy them at. The store carried several different brands (I didn't write the names down). I had purchased Crestware in the past but the bottoms have warped. Anyways, the store doesn't sell this brand.

What are the best brands to buy? I am looking for a 10" and a 12" nonstick saute pan. Also, they had two styles. One with a flat disc on the bottom and the other that didn't have this. The pan with the disc was not rounded on the sides. Which is better? I have a flat top stove.

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Probably the one with the disc if you have a flat topped stove...other wise I would prefer the one with the sloped sides...
Can't flip an egg unless the pan has rounded sides.
Linda C

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For sauting I think a good disk bottom is best. I've got several Volrath Intrique sautes, sauces, and fry pans that I've been very happy with. Duraware is also a decent commercial brand.

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They serve different purposes.

Pans with straight sides are generally used for braising and sauteing as there is not as much evaporation. They are great for dishes cooked on the stove with a mixture or meat, veggies and sauce. Mine also go in the oven if need be for dishes that start on the stove and are braised in the oven.

The sloping sides are a more traditional frypan or skillet and are generally used to saute cutlets, fry eggs and other dishes that don't have a sauce.

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