induction cookware Recommendations???

ferntheroseDecember 29, 2007

I just purchased a Diva induction cooktop and now I have no idea what cookwre to purchase. Help!!

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Hi, you can use any pan that a magnet will stick to the bottom. I have bought most of my pots at TJ Maxx. I have been using induction for about a year and just love it. Have fun shopping!

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ferntherose, as stirfry says, any cookware set where a magnet will stick to the bottom will work. Since we purchased our induction cooktop ahead of time, I scouted our local stores with my magnet in my purse looking for "sets" that were compatible and that I liked. I then watched the local flyers until one of those sets were on for 50% off.

Many many pots will be compatible that aren't marked as being "induction" (hence the handiness of the magnet) - just make sure it is a flat bottom and you'll be ok.

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Go for some enameled cast iron pots. They're solid, look great, and work great on my Diva DDP-3. I'd also recommend regular cast iron but the seasoning process can be quite an ordeal and may never really work as well as some would have you believe.
For stockpots, the Tramontina 18/10 stainless steel sold by Walmart have worked well for me. Even the low priced ones.
I also have some Vollrath Intrigue sauce pans and non-stick frying pans. They work fine.
IMO, avoid anything with a thin bottom. For example, those speckled blue water-bath canners. They are quite magnetic but didn't heat up worth a hoot.

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For high-end cookware, I really love Demeyere Atlantis.

As it's rather costly, I'd suggest trying out their 11" saute pan and their 3.2 saucepan. Those are the two that get by far the most use in my kitchen.

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That would be, "3.2 quart saucepan."

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Ebay has a great selection of Induction Cookware.

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Can anybody recommend a pressure cooker for use on an induction cooktop?

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Cast iron is great, and most of the Lodge cast iron stuff now comes pre-seasoned. And even if it is not seasoned, just follow the directions or just cook several batches of bacon, at moderate temperatures, letting th egrease coagulate in the pan between batches. Works great, and tastes great too! Lodge cast iron is Made in America.

Most of the all-clad stainless line is induction capable, though a few pieces are not. It's what I use. It is Made in America.

I have heard nothing but good things about the Demeyere, but I have no experience with it. Made in France.

I am not a fan of enameled cast iron. I find it hard to clean, but many people like it. It is induction capable.

As others have said, any pot that a magnet sticks to WELL is induction capable. Some pans offer just enough magnetic properties to just stick a magnet, but will not work well on induction. The magnet must stick WELL to the bottom for good induction operation.

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luckymandy, Fagor makes a pressure cooker that works on induction tops. I have one and their pressure canner, both are great and work well on my induction cooktop. Hope this helps.

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My Kuhn-Rikon pressure cooker works just fine on my induction burner.


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I switched to induction recently, too. I lucked out and found a deal on a Le Creuset stainless steel set. 50% off at Bloomingdales. It's a beautiful set and a pleasure to cook with. It's right up there with All-Clad for quality, but it has comfortable handles and, even at full price, a bit less expensive. I went shopping, thinking I would return with All-Clad, but I found them uncomfortable to work with.
Don't give up on your previous cookware without testing it! I gave all my cookware the magnet test and they all failed, but my one nonstick skillet did work on the induction. Maybe I had a bad magnet!

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