Calphalon Tri-Ply vs. Calphalon Comtemporary Stainless

mac52December 18, 2006

I'm tring to understand the difference between these 2 sets of cookware made by the same company. Supposedly they both have aluminum sandwiched between 2 plys of stainless steel and are also both all clad. Am I correct? Can someone tell me how these are different?


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From what I've read here, the only difference is the looks.

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I think the contemporary stainless tends to be more expensive. I have tri-ply and I love it. I think the mirror finish is a classic design. My favorite pan is my "Every Day" pan, a 14" in diameter deep skillet-like pan with two loop handles. It can hold so much food and is easy to work with since it's very wide.

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I think the Tri-Ply is a little heavier. Other than that it's whatever design you prefer. The Tri-Ply is discontinued so you might find better deals on it now.

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Does anyone else have any more insight regarding this topic? I am interested in purchasing some SS pieces and was wondering about this exact question. Thanks!

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Calphalon still has the tri-ply on their website so I don't think it is discontinued.

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