Tramontina 'select' cookware

bcoleyDecember 2, 2007


Recently we purchased a 13 piece stainless steel cookware from our local Sam's Club. The set is from Tramontina, called its "Select" series.

I went looking for the set online to find any open stock pieces options, but could not find it by name. Instead I found a Tramontina set called "Domus," which, according to the Website on which I found it, is Tramontina's latest design. The "Domus" pieces look exactly like the "Select" pieces from Sam's, but they are MUCH more expensive than the "Select" pieces (a la carte, $740, versus $180 for the "Select" series at Sam's).

Does anyone know about the Tramontina "Select" series? Specifically, I want a pasta insert, which the "Domus" series does not offer, at least on the Website where I found it.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

Bill Coley

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For what it's worth, I have received a reply from a Tramontina-U.S. customer service rep, who says that the set I bought from Sam's is in fact the Domus line. She also says, sadly, that there are -- and apparently will be -- no other pieces available in that line, meaning I will have to make other arrangements for a pasta insert.

I guess the good news is I got a great deal on the set, since, I surmise, Tramontina was clearing it out via rebranding it to the "Select" series.

Bill Coley

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