Thermador induction broke in transit

MFatt16November 11, 2013

I got a great deal on the 36 inch Thermador induction top but.....the delivery guys broke the top. The store is offering to replace the glass since it was a showroom unit, they don't have a replacement to offer me as a whole unit. Should this be fine? Or should I refuse to keep it and wait for another really good deal. I got it for 2K and it runs $3600 or so.

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What is warranty for parts & labor?

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Fori is not pleased

I'd make sure it was still covered by the same warranty and all that just like a new one and if so, let 'em do it. Get rid of all those showroom fingerprints!

But if you have a lot of time and think you can get another screamin' good deal....nothing wrong with waiting.

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I will have to ask about the warranty. This is the best de I have found and the only way to work Thermador into my budget. I was able to upgrade from GE to Thermador and Bosch for of the major pieces of the kitchen while keeping budget the same. I hope they do a good job.

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Reason for asking about warranty is similar logic to Fori's above. If the unit was damaged in transit it may not be merely the top that cracked. Other damage might not be apparent until you have it installed. If the warranty is good enough, you could let them install it and if there is additional damage it'll be covered. Then you'll have an upgraded unit that is basically new inside and out. However, if the warranty is not good, accepting the damaged unit may be asking for trouble.

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