Miele Oven Owners - Need Turkey Help!!

trainzNovember 22, 2008

I have Miele double ovens about a year old. Last year, I followed the instructions on the Miele website for doing a turkey in a Miele oven using the "auto roast" feature. (We stuff our turkey). The instructions said to set probe temp to 175. Our turkey was DRY.

We just did a practice run on a turkey & we set the probe (inserted into the breast) to 165 and did the auto roast again. The turkey was not cooked through.

So, my two attempts at the turkey business in my new ovens has been a bust - one was dry, and now one is undercooked. Anyone have some helpful advice? We have a 21lb. turkey (stuffed). I read somewhere that the temp of the stuffing should be 165. Should I put the auto probe in the stuffing? Try 170 as the magic number?

The turkey looks like something from a Williams Sonoma cover when it comes out. I just need to perfect the auto roast temp.! Advice? Please help! Whole family coming for Thanksgiving and I am feeling anxious!

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forget the probes, I haven't used one yet I'd trust. I've had or currently have Miele, Viking, Dacor, Wolf , Kenmore ovens

Get a good instant read thermometer and ditch the probe. Remember too that large heated items continue cooking after they are removed form the oven and heat. 170 in the oven is going to be 175-180 10 minutes later on the counter.

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Alternatively, there was also a thread on this very subject a few days ago where rococogurl and trailrunner posted their experiences with turkey in their Miele ovens. Here's a link to that post:

That said, this subject has popped up in the past and various folks have listed their experiences. If you consult those, you can decide on what you like best. Do a search for "Turkey Miele oven" and you should have a good many hits. Also try "Turkey convection oven" or some hybrid thereof.

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Your difficulties could stem from how you're positioning the probe. The point of the probe should be in the meatiest part of the thigh, as far from bone as possible. Bones conduct heat, so temperatures will be slightly higher near a bone.

People have been successfully cooking turkeys since long before the advent of temperature probes. Some old tests to determine if the turkey was fully cooked include jiggling a drumstick, If it feels loose in the socket, the turkey is done. Another old test is to pierce the thigh. If the juices run clear, the turkey is done. Consult your mother or grandmother. Chances are, they'll have other methods.

Barring that, use the probe set to a slightly lower temperature than is recommended. When the probe tells you that temperature has been reached, begin checking with an instant read thermometer in 2 or 3 places to ensure that temperature is consistent.

Finally, let the turkey rest for at least 45 minutes after removing it from the oven. Just tent it with foil and set it in a draft-free spot. It will still be plenty hot after the rest. Resting allows the juices to be reabsorbed into the meat, so that they don't run all over your cutting board when you begin carving. In my experience, most dry turkeys are the result of carving without a sufficient resting.

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Just a note on safety: When you take your turkey out of the oven and are letting it rest, remove the stuffing to a baking dish and put the stuffing back in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes. This way you can be sure that it won't be absorbing juices that should be going back into the turnkey. Also, you can be sure that the juices already in the stuffing have been thoroughly cooked to the proper temperature. Sometimes the turkey can be perfect but the deep recesses of the stuffing will need a few more minutes to get to a safe (salmonella killing) temperature.

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This is what the," ask a chef from Miele", told me. Insert the probe into the breast, place the turkey directly on the oven rack with the perfect clean pan connected to the rack. Do not preheat the oven. Use auto roast. To estimate how long your turkey will take, use 8 minutes per pound for unstuffed and 10 min per pound for stuffed. For detailed instruction on roasting an unstuffed turkey go to Miele's recipe section then select the A to Z list to find "turkey with giblet gravy" - use auto roast. She said that a stuffed 16 pound turkey should take approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. The instructions also say to not open the door to baste. In the past I have always cooked my turkey at 325 using approx 15 min per pound.

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I just joined this forum. For the first time I attempted to cook a chicken on autoroast in my miele oven.(in preparation for doing a turkey on Canadian thanksgiving for family) I followed the instructions perfectly in the recipe I got from the miele site. I used the probe and set it for 165F after reading some of the posts on this forum. The oven display said "ready" but the chicken was very pale and undercooked. I put the chicken directly on the rack on the bottom with the roasting pan slid under the rack. I had hoped to get a nice brown bird that was cooked. I ended up having to nuke the bird which made it dry. I peeled off all the unappetizing white skin. What went wrong?

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Just Miele-autoroasted a 5 pound chicken last night. Did you adjust the default oven temp? The recipe on the Miele A to Z has worked well for me. They suggest 175 degree probe and 400 degree oven temp. As my bird was on the large side, I lowered the temp to 375. It was perfect. I've successfully cooked both in roasting pan (easier to clean and easier to make gravy) and directly on the oven rack. hth.

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I'm guessing this oven is relatively new, so I'm wondering if you've checked your oven temperatures using a separate oven thermometer with different modes and various temps?

A while back, some regular Miele ovens had issues reaching and holding temperatures accurately. If your oven isn't reaching the temperature it thinks its cooking at, that might explain why the chicken came out undercooked.

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I've had the miele guys out and they say that the temps are fine. I use bake for everything with my usual temps and it works out so I don't think that is the problem at least on that setting.

I was told that the autoroast just heats up to 325 quickly, I guess by running top and bottom burners and then the default convection kicks in. She suggested I change the default to 425 and cook the chicken at that temp. This contradicts another post that says the sear takes place at 450 on autoroast before dropping to 325. I find this all confusing and wonder if I can cook a turkey totally at 425.

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